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  1. STRIX GAMING at |

    Am too late it's 2019 already

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  3. GUAVA BEAN at |

    To those looking for clients, check out GUAVABEAN's FB group; they post new remote jobs every day and its completely free https://www.facebook.com/groups/guavabean/ . To those looking to start out, there is a "Freelancer Roadmap" at http://www.GUAVABEAN.com to guide you :)

  4. Lynx Team at |

    fascinating. my friend is a designer on freelance too, he manages well with TMetric – tracks his time and sends reports easily

  5. Faizah al-Katheri at |

    Wow! .. What you said is so true, but it's not as easy as you made it seem. I have established my freelancing career several months ago, and I'm still struggling to find clients. I'm not quitting though, it's a lot of fun and at least you are working for yourself.

  6. Nadim Dadani at |

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  7. aarti sharma at |

    V sweet you are I mean it,and next v helpfull tip thnx

  8. Cobalt Jackson at |

    Hello, I'm new to this and am curious to talk to anyone who has worked as a content moderator. If you'd be willing, please email me at: cobalt.jackson.and.sons.llc@gmail.com Thanks!

  9. Heavy Monteria at |

    Dude do you use that vintage phone?

  10. Joe Rodriguez at |

    Freelancing sucks balls. anyone can learn to code from some video tutorials. Well done, you just joined the plethora of aimless wannabe freelancers all looking to "take control of their financial future". Only problem is designers and developers are a dime a dozen, businesses dont want to pay a tenner for your "skills" and some bastards in pakistan do the job in half the time for a tenth of the price. Good luck going out and fishing for clients, schmoozing and marketing yourself in this climate, especially if you're the introverted type like a lot of coders are. There's a lot to be said about the TRUTH of freelancing. Not a lot of it is being said here.

  11. collins A at |

    does this apply in 2017?

  12. Trump supporter at |

    where and how to get free lance projects? do I go thru a recruiter/headhunter?

  13. Buried With You at |

    i learned the basics of html. i all of my websites using adobe music. is okay in the industry or should i only develop using html code?

  14. Ayush at |

    hey man do you still reply to comments? I've questions

  15. FlimBeam at |

    So much contradiction in one video: On the one hand, flexible working hours and be your own boss, on the other hand working with worldwide clients/colleagues so you have to be reachable around the clock. Saying that the demand is high but leaving aside that there are plenty of pakistani and indian code monkeys who work for peanuts. No dressing code? So what? In the end you sit 18 hours in front of you laptop in your stinky pyjamas. And don't tell me that you can code on the beach – toomuch distractions. And you get paid peanuts…

  16. AsfandYar Khan at |

    Love You Sir, You Helped Me Alot…. Really Awesome!

  17. J&G supernova production at |

    I'll love to become a web developer / designer but I don't know that much coding. yes I do k know basic html CSS and js but ik it's not enough to do that so can u help me how to learn more or help me find things I can learn more. I don't have money to go to college so o don't know what to do can u help me.

  18. sean123654 at |

    I loved the positivity though #awesome

  19. sean123654 at |

    Plus there is all of this stuff already online and it's free. Paying to see if you do it any better isn't an option.

  20. sean123654 at |

    Wow that drop down box on the website made me leave. #toopushy

  21. Benjamin Jones at |

    I have recently start f working freelance and really finding it hard to build momentum finding clients . Any recommendations

  22. Nikki at |

    I'm sorry, I just cannot understand what he said at 0:48… What is he saying there?

  23. Julije Jelaska at |

    Its nice to know. Its not everyone alow to travel, to have money, to bi inspired.Catastrofic ecconomic crisic burn up Croatia.People losted jobs.Nobody here employ web designers.

  24. DPatel at |

    save your life and run !!!!! this guy is preying on innocent young blood….

  25. Everything You Like at |

    Hello sir i am very inspired by your thoughts and this video so i want to ask a question – Did your Website take money to teach web designing? And if yes then approximately how much?

  26. Tonya Gutnik at |

    thanks you for the motivation!

  27. Calvin at |

    Sold! This is the life for me. No more nine to five slavery.

  28. Neil Resnera at |

    I just shock when i heard about filipinos. OMG. filipino web developers are really good :) thanks for the mention man!

  29. makedaevilmage at |

    I love the energy you talk with. I feel so much more motivated to try freelancing when i'm done with my current study (webdevelopment). I've also been picking soms skills in Photoshop and done some designing already (selling digital downloads on Etsy.com) :)

  30. The Great Nouveaux👍🏿 at |

    You just made me realize how much I hate you. Just kidding!!

  31. Ps Middx at |

    I would love to learn how to design, make and upload website, but ashamedly, kids can do this before me!

  32. Laken Jade at |

    Do South Africans actually hire you guys?

  33. Luis Casanova at |

    Loved it.

  34. tipofmytongue1024 at |

    Your tattoos are hott

  35. myum ifte at |

    Great works….

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  36. Andres Rivera at |

    I am one and I am still having problems getting clients..  How do you do it?

  37. ChunkyChopsable at |

    I can't decide I want to to be a Software Programmer or Web Developer when I am older. I know HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, Ruby, C#, JavaScript and Java. Can you guys name some benefits of being a Software Programmer or Web Developer. (I also would like to do Game Development as a hobby on the side)

  38. 신대철 at |

    I'm suspecting what I do until now. but this movie convinced that I' doing right things.
    Thank you!!

  39. No Sleep at |

    thank you very much this video made the difference

  40. Awesome!

  41. Morgan More at |

    i  love  your baby I hope you took his hoodie off… lol