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  1. beli at |

    why did you not make a simple letter spacing from X to Y value ? would be a lot easier. Nice tutorial anyways

  2. Aaron D at |

    Rinkas this is great but is there a way to reveal the actual website with no user action (ie. the enter button). In other words just the animation and then the webpage? Also here you don't actually have a webpage to go to after the animation but assuming you do how would you do that? I'm guessing change the function(e) but to what? Thanks!!!

  3. Killah Trax at |

    Thank you and i will use this in my website,godbless.

  4. Eder Daniel Escobedo at |

    very useful video.

  5. Ing.Giovanni Flores at |

    I'm the like #300 amazing work, thanks ! ! !

  6. Adnane Ar at |

    You could do the same animation just by using pure CSS

    in your case you can replace : setTimeout function by animation-delay: 500ms; in css

  7. Masa K at |

    Im using php and trying to link this animation to my homepage (index.php), but it doesn't work. In the comment below, it says that I need to put a website, but how can you link it when its localhost?

  8. joaquin delgado at |

    I was wondering, this welcome div, must i add after body tag, and out of my index wrapper?, or must i add this div into the index wrapper?. And another problem is, when i refresh my page, loads my index, not the welcome.
    Can you help me,please. I follow the tut, works perfect, but no loads at front of my index.
    Thanks for all your classess.

  9. joaquin delgado at |

    My enter button goes to a empty page, not show my web. If delete the enter-button class of the link, works perfect, but no fade.

  10. Caesar Adyatma at |

    i'm developing this page locally but the page won't redirect when the enter button is clicked even though I have entered the right url. Is there any addition needed to be made?

  11. Mark Timothy Montances at |

    it has no animation.. :( help… it's just saying hi and enter no animations at all thanks for the help..

  12. Shi Li at |

    Hiii, I tried to link "enter" to my "html" page from my computer. But when I put the html code into a href="html">Enter</a> , the "Enter" sign become the default version. It wont appear after "Hi", and the color is not Green, the position is not center.

  13. Francis Clements at |

    I'm having double minds asking this. Is the code also work offline? I mean, we added that jQuery source.

  14. Nathan Johnson at |

    Hi, I was wondering how you can link a website page to the button. I don't know how to do this?

  15. Sidratul Moontaha at |

    Will the same code work in notepad++ also? And i am having some problems.. can i plz send u my code? I have to submit this on 10th..but my code is just not running :'(

  16. Light Sab at |

    I have a question. Say you have like 3 "Enter" buttons to go three different locations. How would you evenly space them out horizontally? Also, I would like to encase the "Hi" in a box. And, how would you add a background image while still keeping the text animation?

  17. Axel at |

    Just what I've been looking for, and a beautiful job with the editing aswell. Will this work well for all browsers and devices?

  18. Jager at |


  19. joaquin delgado at |

    Sorry my ignorance, the "enter" link must link to my index.html?. Thanks for share and teach

  20. joaquin delgado at |

    great,man!!, can i use this tut for my own website?,