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  1. Jerry Z at |

    Kevin, this video format is what all videos regarding learning concepts or snippets of code can be like. Thanks for the brevity and concise explanations. I learned the core concept of @media () {} … great personality in your tonality, too.

  2. neil kumar at |

    I liked itπŸ•Ί…what is breakpoints??
    Kevin sir, I wanna learn purely responsive navigation in an easy way.

  3. Wajahat Rana at |

    Take deep breath πŸ˜› Explained just in one breath :)

  4. Clif Hodges at |

    came here for info on media queries. ended up learning something about the css heirarchy "the one on bottom always wins" invaluable information for me. I'm self taught. Thanks for the video !

  5. Bryan Overbey at |


  6. Pam Watson at |

    I really appreciate how you cut out the fluff and get to the point! Very helpful video.

  7. Justin Cook at |

    Gangster content Kevin

  8. Esten Grove at |

    Bit late to the party here it seems, but really enjoyed the concise nature. Quick, brief and to the point. Much appreciated. keep it up.

  9. Ameen Shaikh at |

    Hi Kevin how are you?

  10. fastflipper1 at |


  11. Terry Heck at |

    Awesome … This was the fastest I've ever got a question answered and was able to put it to use right away. Great job.

  12. Aaron Esteban at |

    THanks Kevin! I think that all teachers should have quick videos most of the time to get straight to the point. I hate watching a 30+ minute video to learn something that I could have learned in 2 minutes. Some folks just love to talk too much.

  13. sara mohmad at |

    very good very easy and helpful and simple words for non-english speaker

  14. Christian Herrera at |

    love your instruction videos, super helpful man.

  15. TenthYoung at |

    this is so short its not helpful

  16. Ella Blun at |

    if you're gonna spend only 4:30 minutes explaining something, maybe don't spend first 35s on self promotion…

  17. Happy Shah at |

    Great Video btw!i subscribed! πŸ˜€ :) :O

  18. Sanchita Das at |

    5 mins and you know enough to start getting your hands dirty. Perfect approach. Thanks a lot..

  19. James Best at |

    This is great! A 5-minute intro/blast is all I need..and with a couple of your curated links below, it is perfect to get me up and running! Note: a "series" of 5 minute videos, each covering a specific topic within the main topic (in a playlist format) would be the best of all worlds! Thanks so much Kevin!

  20. Alfredo Rafael Habersham Pabon at |

    Dude, this is AWESOME πŸ˜€ <3

  21. 180AD at |

    Great overview, thanks!

  22. RPA at |

    I was struggeling with media queries, but this video explains them perfect. Thanks man

  23. AnythingAndEverything ! at |

    How to get that thing beside the container to increase/decrease the width? What is that even called?

  24. Happy Shah at |

    Can you put max-width too?

  25. Happy Shah at |


  26. Vishal Das at |

    Hey Kevin! Can you make a longer in-depth video on media queries? You explain the best :D. Thank You!