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  1. Dionne Pamon at |

    Darrel, do you have any recommendation for a radio station theme?

  2. Lance McGrew at |

    Trying to justify $89/yr for Divi but then again, many single premium themes with page builders, cost $59/yr and for $30 more I can have access to their whole library. Already own Elementor Pro business license. Really having motivational issues moving to another platform.

  3. Videox Therapy at |

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  4. Hooman at |

    annoying popups during video and too much noise I am out.

  5. Suma Khan at |

    Awesome Video I like your videos..I Thing its Best And Responsive WordPress Themes https://goo.gl/zpwwoM



  7. Daniel Sun Yee Dat at |

    How about Themify – Ultra?

  8. jacko89d at |

    I like the Extra theme, but it's really expensive! Do you have any link with a discount or coupon code?

  9. J D at |

    Those audience applauding sound effects on your transitions between themes are so unnecessary and make your video super cheesy.

  10. yao yi at |


  11. Rabea Nwesre at |

    First of all, its very useful video, great work here ! and thank you very much.
    I have question to you, what theme give me the option letting the guests creating new posts in the blog in the same way I'm creating posts in my blog, also I need to know what is the best responsive theme have also SHOP layouts beside the blog layouts

  12. walter trejo at |

    Hello Darrel,

    Are there any good divi themes you recommend for affiliate marketing? I'm tying to build a business affiliate theme but can't find a good theme. I'm happy to pay for them too.

  13. aki hero at |

    we would like to see more forum theme like

  14. Frederick Littlefield at |

    Start Video Locations for the Themes
    10 = 01:03 Extra Theme (Elegant Themes) https://www.darrelwilson.com/divi or https://www.elegantthemes.com/gallery/extra/
    9 = 03:30 Thrive Architect (Page Builder – Thrive Themes) https://darrelwilson.com/thrive
    8 = 05:35 Business Lounge and Elementor (Envato Market @ ThemeForest ) https://darrelwilson.com/businesslounge
    7 = 08:38 Marketfy Theme – for Digital dwonloads (Marketfy – Envato Market @ ThemeForest) https://darrelwilson.com/marketify
    6 = 11:20 Newspaper 8 Theme (Now Newspaper 9 – Envato Market @ ThemeForest) https://darrelwilson.com/newspaper8
    5 = 14:32 Onshine Theme – Multi Purpose (Envato Market @ ThemeForest)
    4 = 17:12 Bryte Theme – Best for Elementor Users (Envato Market @ ThemeForest) https://darrelwilson.com/bryte
    3 = 23:20 Massive Dynamic Theme – Simple, Clean, Easy to Use (Envato Market @ ThemeForest) https://darrelwilson.com/massivedynamic
    2 = 27:33 Flatsome Theme – #1 for eCommerce (Envato Market @ ThemeForest) https://www.darrelwilson.com/flatsome
    1 = 31:38 DIVI – Most Used Theme in the World (Elegant Themes) https://www.darrelwilson.com/divi

  15. Miguel Sanchez at |

    Hey bro, which of these themes is the best for SEO ? are these all compatible with Yoast Plugin ? Which ones would you recommend for SEO ? I'm Loving the claps between the theme presentation, you got my attention

  16. Erick Wangu at |

    Darrel is the Man!

  17. rsquare .media at |

    hey Darrel another great video. 👌👍 Thanks for continuing to produce top quality, actionable content for Small Business owners, agencies and marketing/design pros. Love your content coz you keep stuff simple minus any fluff or BS or jargon. :) Kudos! Thanks for the free theme link – but those themes aren't on wordpress theme finder within wordpress becuase they havent been updated in 2 years (when you 1st created that list). Do you have a 2018 update to that video? Please help. Thanks. You won 🏆a new Subscriber today 👌🖖👍

  18. Mudassir Zia at |

    Hey bro how are you, one I ask you that what theme are you using for your website #DerrelWilson. I am confused for my own website what theme will best for me. please help me to take decision.

  19. Creator Training at |

    Great, in depth video. Thanks for taking the time to make it!

  20. robert muita at |

    You really know your stuff. thank you

  21. Ayman Bakr at |

    I have been working with the Sydney theme for a while and it was quite good. But, although a lot of coding has been taken away from site building with these great WordPress themes/plugins, you still need to do a lot of tweaking and settings to get the right look and feel and put in the proper content. Now, we started to hear of themes and plugins that curate content; thus shortening the time to going live even more. There is an article talking about such a theme, Covert Curator: https://bit.ly/2xIxoTz. What do you think about it?

  22. Alex Thai Nguyen at |

    Thanks for the review. If I use Divi with unlimited website usage and when I'm done building for a client, can I hand it over to them so they have total control and can take it from there?

  23. Emílio Tavares Lima at |

    Hi Darrel, thanks very much…you just solve my problem.

  24. Samiur Rahman at |

    Hey Darrel! Which theme do you prefer for blog sites?

  25. Snakebite Cortez at |

    Great information. Thank you. I'm still learning. What is the different between building a site using the template vs elementor? that part confuses me…sorry for noob question.

  26. Zach'sCombat at |

    Do we have to renew the themes like the domain hosting…

  27. David Edmunds at |

    Hi Darrel, I'm a bit confused. I want a photography site that has a gallery but I also want to sell some prints, I've looked at Woocommerce and am I right in saying that I need this as well as divi to make it all work and would I need woocommerce with flatsome as well? Hope you can clarify things for me, cheers.

  28. eurasianbot at |

    lol just watched this whole video… but I've been using divi since 2014 😅
    I guess it still is the best!

  29. vxnewton at |

    Fantastic video, super helpful. Thanks mate!

  30. Daniel Lizalde at |

    My Theme is in need of an upgrade. This helped! Thanks my man!

  31. James Gillespie at |

    Had just watched your top 10 from last year and Themisle was #1. I guess things change quickly as I was about to go that route and just watched this top 10.

  32. Allen Cheng at |

    Can you suggest any themes for building nonprofit website?

  33. Alirio Zavarce at |

    I use Elegant Theme's Extra on my NutritionallyWise.com website and the big problem I have is that it's heavy and can't get it to load fast (snappy like). I have spent a lot of time optimizing it. After trying many plug-ins, I ended up with WP Fastest Cache and Fast Velocity Minify. I'm not really an expert but I don't think Extra, in spite of being appealing to the eye, is not really SEO friendly when it comes to load speed. I'm at a point that I will switch back to Customizr Pro once I have re-structured my blog posts. Pages that rank high organically are simple theme pages.

  34. Jitsimplify at |

    Hi, I am your old subscriber and learnt website making only and only from your videos. I would like to make a website for my client. They are into music and teach music instruments. Can you suggest me any free one page WordPress theme?

  35. Stine Kaastad at |

    Hi Darrel! What about a website for 3d design and photo as an online shop and services at the same time? I want to have a website with my portfolio and promote myself as a 3d modeller and photographer and I want to have online shop with my ready 3d models, textures and photos. What can work best for me? Maybe I need to have two different webpages fro 3d and photo?

  36. Carlos Raul Canelon at |

    What do you think about avada?

  37. Comedy LAKAI UTFA at |

    what program you use to do like this VDO thank you ^^

  38. George Mensah at |

    can i get a theme like johnchow.com