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  1. Paul S at |

    I love your videos. Clear, simple, not intimidating and so professionally done. I tried your Drupal videos and it took the terror out of Drupal. This is doing the same with Bootstrap. Thanks for posting.

  2. Gloria Lois at |

    well done!

  3. crazy world at |

    I'm a backend developer(Django) Learned html+css should I also learn bootstrap? Not interested in Javascript because I'm interested in the backend but the idea of learning CSS and bootstrap is to make my projects look cool. ThanX

  4. Kevin Gonsalves at |

    Are you…Canadian? I swear…the way you say "boot"…

  5. Muhammad Reyhan at |

    thank you


    Can we also use CDN links?

  7. Christian Gloria at |

    pls do I need to learn JavaScript before bootstrap??

  8. KTM at |

    Can you do bootstrap 4 beta – thanks

  9. Kushan Sachintha at |


  10. antyszwed at |

    sounds like a guy from Udacity