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  1. graphic .design at |

    Hello Sir not idea why I cant see my logo. Thanks

  2. Robert Young at |

    Very useful, thank you!

  3. Tech Support Gaurav at |

    Sir, Thanks for sharing with us. How can I put toggle button to show and hide menu on mobile device?

  4. Peter at |
  5. Fraps224 at |

    thank you

  6. bhagabat sahoo at |

    Hi thanks a lot. can you help me by creating a responsive topnav menu. my requirement is- 1) hamburger icon should be visible before logo on left side in Mobile and tablet view.
    2) just after logo, two links in and three links on right side desktop view
    3) First Link of right side , hamburger and logo should be visible.
    4) hamburger icon on left before logo should show and hide all the links
    5) all links have bottom line transition effect stating from left to right on hovering the links.
    it should be made in using flexbox.
    please help me. I will be thankful to you.

  7. Sudha Kar at |

    hey flexbox is not supporting in Internet explorer to work the flexbox what to do

  8. Gutsgalore at |

    So this is mobile first and then adjusted to larger screens via a media querie. I get that. I wanted to use the nav bar for my HTML-Form which asks the user some questions. However I don't get it to work with the form so that the flexible layout will also work on a smartphone. At the moment my form (which also includes pictures) gets cut off.

  9. Bhabani shankar dash at |

    Thanks for the reply. But yr link doesn't open. 404 error says. Would you like to please send back the correct !!

  10. Suraj Chauhan at |

    Which tools do you choose so that you can you love preview, changing in your browser

  11. Mike Panay at |

    I've been struggling as well with the same design, logo on the left and nav bar on the right, but mine has a company name in the middle not far from the logo. I want the company name to be underneath the logo when the screen is minimized. hope you understand.

  12. Bhabani shankar dash at |

    Dear Sir, Can you please add another NAV Bar in the Left side of the page in the same example video. No where i have found with 2 Nav Bar (Top & a Bottom). The Left Nav bar Text will show when i move the Mouse on Nav Icons.

  13. Hasnain Khan at |


    nav div: first-child {}

    properties aren't can you help me out.

  14. Ayman Fkihi at |

    How can you add a dropping down menu in this video example?

  15. Mitchell at |

    Thank you for doing this amazing work! It helps to know people like you who are dedicated! ♥

  16. Slimaneworks at |

    Man please make a video about how to put a burger bars to show and hide ( toggle ) the links !
    when you click the bars the links appear and when you click them again the disappear

  17. simon sjerps at |

    Hello can you make a navigation menu bar with a language dropdown box and that the language bar is visible on the right or left center from in the collapse  bar

  18. blackdevil at |

    How you inserted the BASIC HTML DOCUMENT without typing ?

  19. Sai manideep Yadav at |

    Hi sir I Want navigation bar on the left side

  20. pp at |

    Hi !I have a question? Why you are using h1 to nest image link (line 12)?

  21. Kalen Wong at |

    this is much simpler. thank you for sharing. how can i make this one sticky? whenever I do, i seem to mess up the width. appreciate it!

  22. Austine Basil at |

    Wow! this is really very very lovely. I have been battling with this for a week now but no way out. But I got it in few minutes after watching your video. This is very wonderful tutorial.
    With this Responsive Navigation Menu Bar with Logo on Left, how do I divide it into two(2) and half pages so that i can add content? Then again how do I add news headlines to it that will appear on the right side of it to it?

  23. Steven Dyk at |

    Please post a link to the code.

  24. DoctorSecrets at |

    Great tutorial. Thanks.

  25. shahrukh631 at |

    Thanks! Its really helpful!

  26. Gagan Deep at |

    sir how to create step by step form.. means process form…