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  1. star tech at |

    Nenu oka personal portfolio ni create chesanu. Aa code ni mobile ki share chesi browser lo open chesthe konni animations,effects miss avutunay…
    Plz help me…

  2. Kalyan Chakravarthy at |

    sir mee videos baagunnai but voice over chaala speed gaa and gap lekundaa vundi aa problem solve cheyyataaniki try cheyyandi nenu ila cheppinanduku meeku emaina problem anipiste sorry sir

  3. king Surendra at |

    manam create Web page nu mobile lo execute chestuntte andhuloni pics ravadam ledu hide avutunnai alage content kuda potundhi.
    Anna can u tell me solution

  4. bharath siddu at |

    Appreciable technology teaching in telugu
    But cheppina point eh chala sarlu cheptunnaru

  5. FAIZ khan at |

    any ways matter is useful…keep it up

  6. FAIZ khan at |

    maintain some slowwwwwwwww…we are not in urgent

  7. swathikiran at |

    complete coding kavali bro

  8. Nagendra Babu at |

    Tq bro it's very useful

  9. Prasadrao Ylnv at |

    it is very helpful and easy learning… I request to provide videos if any .. How to save html table data to excel database (Back End) with full code in html, css and java script … I am waiting for reply…

  10. Rama R at |

    Very helpful. Clear Explanation. Thanq Soo much. Pls Upload videos on psd to html/css.

  11. thippana ajay Reddy at |

    its very helpfull bro pls provide the code

  12. naveen chappidi at |

    Good work brother please provide real time projects in java

  13. Divakar Reddy pv at |

    nice tutorial bro