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  1. XO PIXEL at |

    ✨ PART 2 is finally here! 📝 Read the article version of this tutorial for code, assets & details: http://bit.ly/2KKmD7T. Share your work with me using #XOPIXELPerfect on social media!
    (PART 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=racKdsDaM8s)

  2. Alexis Lebreton at |

    wow very good tutorial i wish i could do this so easily like you do :)

  3. tobechukwu nwatu at |

    wow, your design is beautiful. Tnks for the tutorial

  4. Shane Walsh at |

    really nice design layout and tutorial. what about the other pages, the contact, portfolio and blog? Will you be doing tutorials on them? I am going to go ahead and try to code these myself, hopfully I ca get them to convert for mobile.

  5. PoorGamerGaming at |

    Hi! I learned a lot, thanks :) My only worry is how will this website show on old browsers? I mean what's the solution for old browsers if I only use grid system to style?

  6. Pyraptor at |

    I have a question, aren't the buttons on top to close to each other on mobile, shouldn't they stack on top of each other?

  7. Chris Hansen at |

    Having a hard time tweaking grid-template-rows. How do I change size of the sidebar on large screens via the @media query? The size of the sidebar on large screens is obnoxious, it's like 40% of the screen lol. Thanks D;

  8. Popovici Delavrancea at |

    Thanks for the tutorial. What do you use to automatically update your browser?

  9. TheBryantCabrera at |

    You sound like Spectre from Splatoon 2 gaming!

  10. anant awasthy at |


  11. sohaib azh at |

    You are really talented . Keep it up , and thank you for your nice vids and tutorials.

  12. Theyutee at |

    Thank you

  13. Иван Иванов at |

    Is it a trend to code for mobile first and then for a desktop?

  14. dan_estves at |

    I cant find the part one :(

  15. Kevin Eperjesi at |

    is there a way to have the navbar appear on the top of the website instead of just mobile? I really would like to have the navbar on top of the website instead of just mobile

  16. Jon Graft at |

    Awesome tutorial! The finished product looks awesome, the video was informative but moved along at a quick pace. Is there plans for a part 3? I would like to know how to change the content area when clicking on the links in the left hand menu without having the entire page reload. Also would like to learn how to pull the social media counts automatically.

  17. Anonym at |

    Hızlı ve güzel.

  18. Muhammad Adnan at |

    So easy and nice any big project will u make. …..in up coming videos ?

  19. Vaibhavkumar Patel at |

    Why you have taken grid template row 1fr auto.1fr for hero and remaining for content

  20. S. Dud at |

    Your videos are so clear and nice! Good job

  21. fox mulder at |

    I like your design

  22. fox mulder at |

    Gj ma girl

  23. theafro mike at |

    Thank you Marissa