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  1. Suicidal1nfant at |

    Couldn't you use vmin and vmax to fill a div with an image? 

  2. Noah Nobody at |

    A bittle. I like it!

  3. vivametal666 at |

    Nice job

  4. hohoyun at |

    i think vmin and vmax can be useful with font size.  For example, if you set your font size to scale with the viewport size and you want to decrease your viewport size, then there will be a point where you just don't want your font to get any smaller because people can't see them, there you can have vmin to prevent that.

  5. BunnyCentauri at |

    What are opera-mini devs doing? Everything cool is not supported. The rendering engine also sucks… Please let opera-mini die people, don't use it.

  6. Chris Bernard at |

    I guess they'd only be useful if you wanted all the content of a certain element to be seen by the user. I can actually think of a bunch of website backgrounds that get cut off when the window resizes (all elements' widths go beyond background.. easily fixed with vmax)

  7. allucanbeat at |


  8. MyOwnSongsAndCovers at |

    vmin can very much be useful. What if you want to show an image or a video, fill as much of the screen without overflowing?

    vmax doesn't seem so useful.

  9. Wiejeben at |

    Any idea how the browser would react when vw, vh, vmax, vmin isn't compatible? Do you have to declare the px or % before it?

  10. boriss vassiljev at |

    I started laughing when you laughed at vmin and vmax :D

  11. Jonah Kesoyan at |


  12. ALulzyApprentice at |

    As an iOS dev I really hope iOS Safari will fully support viewport units in the next update. Same goes for IE mobile. 

  13. Asher Godforged at |

    Quick question: Will there be any tutorials on flat design / onepagers / Bootstrap 3 in the near future?

  14. Asher Godforged at |

    Thanks, never knew about vw & vh. Really helpful.