8 Responses

  1. Fabi Clubb at |

    I really liked it, thank you!

  2. Murad Sapar at |

    Nice tutorial, easy to follow and understand, thanks.

  3. hatori hanzo at |

    Very instructive video!Well done :)))

  4. ChiKler at |

    How to make a horizontal nav with grid and not flexbox???

  5. Bernie Disantis at |

    Part about serving padding on the IDs of each line item made no sense

  6. zanter at |

    "Tickets" button is smaller than "Team". It's a bad practice to put random px-paddings imo, instead of making right width of all "li" elements.

  7. Robert Benson at |

    With grid, you don't need UL or LI elements, just FYI. https://codepen.io/sincitycyclops/pen/oEjrLO

  8. Ibrahim Shaarib at |

    font too small to see, even with full screen.