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  1. Rattler Publishing at |

    the only problem is most of that don't work in dreamweaver errors all over the place

  2. Ashish Ankit at |
  3. Hassan Tariq at |

    Sir Brad, The Web Legend !
    #Respect <3

  4. Zoran Šandrić at |

    one more waste of time….You're using a channel for your promotion-this is called advertising

  5. Aggelos Than at |

    While I place the jquery script and after the js script in <head> section, smooth scrolling does not work, but when I place it in the bottom of the <body> , it works! Why?

    Thanks in advance, keep up the good work.

  6. Prehistoric Putin at |

    Good video

  7. drewski west at |

    I need help with prettier and beautify (I barely mess with vscode's extensions. I get the main language extensions and emmets to do projects but there's something really wrong with my end tags messing up following along, as well as indentations… and I have no idea how to fix it.)
    I love your channel I just wish I could get some replies.

  8. ahmad mustafa at |

    what editor dose he use?… my sublime dosen't work that way

  9. Techtonic 24 at |

    I published my first website thanks to you

  10. Sam Dantas at |

    Thanks for this awesome tutorial!

  11. M Roopavani at |

    i am not understanding pleaase help me in that second part where the background turns black

  12. Love Dhingra at |

    Good way to teach .

  13. Anton G at |

    @Traversy Media, this is awesome. Are you willing to create a video tutorial to teach how to upload a created landing page to a WordPress website? Some people do not know how to do this. Do you have a tutorial on how to group folders together to make a landing page or even a website go live?

  14. sanru cheung at |

    15min30sec, The div is named " class=section-main container" what's the meaning  of this way? And From 22:10s you code css, why use ".container" before ,and use #showcase .container later? who can tell me???

  15. Web for Beginner at |

    You teach simple and better than some paid courses that drag students all over the place until they are confused and get stuck. Thank you.


    Thanks for this exactly what am looking for , finding it hard to get these professional photos.

  17. Alex Edwards at |

    Hi Brad, how did you manage to create mockup2 so that it captured the viewport (with the background image AND navbar/text)? I've scratched around for a while trying to figure out how you did it but can't figure it. The way I created the 2nd mockup was to just add the image on it's own into smart mockups. However this obviously doesn't match what you have, as it just includes the image of the girl and not the viewport image as such. PS. really liking your videos. You're my go-to guy now for YouTube. You have a great way of easily explaining complicated things.

  18. George Harmon at |

    Bush league question? I want to align the menu links or "text" to the center of the NavBar. Having trouble finding the right place to adjust that behavior, could you assist?

  19. Gaming Zone at |

    make a video on how to code website like facebook plz plz plz

  20. At One Glance at |

    what is jQuery?

  21. Jess Hight at |

    why doesn't my emmet react the way yours does (ie: when you did ! + tab and you got your starting point for your HTML)?

  22. Quan Nguyen at |

    Brad, did you remember the color codes by heart?

  23. Quan Nguyen at |

    At 20:00, can anyone please explain what the problem actually is and why overflow: hidden could solve it?

  24. Quan Nguyen at |

    I'm so grateful for this type of "from scratch for beginners" videos from you. Wish you health and happiness, so you can make more videos.

  25. Engr. Ehtisham at |

    I love all of your projects. The only person and the only channel who made me understand the basic front-end and back-end. Love from Pakistan <3

  26. Xto TheM at |

    can u also do a video on how you host your pages on github? Mine the dropdown menu did not respond when I hosted on my github page but works on VSC liveserver

  27. Tihana Šare at |

    Brilliant tutorial! Thank you so much.


    i have issue in back ground picture anyone help me



  30. Wajde Fadool at |

    What is the name of that extension that order code after saving ?
    and the id shortcut extension for creating div ?

  31. Connor Potter at |

    Where do you find all these pictures you use? I always struggle to find ones that look professional

  32. Kamizura at |

    So I´ve followed this with my own stylings etc., but for some reason, when i scroll down, the images overlap the navbar and its not visible anymore. I just can´t find the reason why. I´ve circumvent it, by giving the sections a z-index -1, but then you cant add hover effects anymore. Any ideas guys?

  33. Muna Alsoffi at |

    i couldn't understand whats program did u use?
    anyone knows pleas tell me

  34. Rönny kh at |

    It's like GOD sent you to help us <3

  35. Game Developer at |

    Responsive Landing Page Using HTML & CSS (A Little jQuery)