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  1. SnigernDK at |

    Thanks man, i tried to get my image map to scale using a few different sources, i found this github, but couldnt get it to work. Your video helped me succeed, and for that i am grateful. Thanks.

  2. Ann Rose Erjas at |

    Thank you for this helpful videos (i've seen both). Keep up the good work!
    Looking forward for another one…I mean, now I have my image responsive but the problem is, it doesn't work with WordPress?

  3. kahlonjm at |

    Hi , Thanks, This is very helpful. I am successful in making image responsive but coordinates are still not responsive. Please see this http://www.edmonton-homes-search.com/test/

  4. Flynn Lives at |

    Your link no longer works

  5. Kumar Shivam at |

    Thank you. But it does not work with two images on the same page. Any ideas about that?

  6. Callum Corrigan at |

    Brilliant, thank you – couldn't get it to work until this video!

  7. { Web Div } at |

    Thank you so much sir…….. we like it