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  1. Nero Ota at |

    May i ask what editor you are using ?

  2. MirageZ at |

    Thank you for this awesome video <3 You help me and my friends alot ♥

  3. Red L at |

    Are you going to post soon ? you're the best!!

  4. Tired Coder at |

    GLORY TO GOD you're back, please don't leave for so long.. my coding heart was in pain

  5. broertje hooi at |

    my logo does not come on every page idk why, but a very good video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Atul Rawat at |

    Nice teaching

  7. Andrew Leong at |

    In a project how do I decide to design for mobile first or desktop first?

  8. VeeWeb Code at |

    Really!! There are a large amount of courses on Front-End Development in YouTube. Then why you are doing the same thing again?

  9. Hot Shots at |

    What do you think I should use: CSS or SASS?

  10. Virgil Tudor at |

    You should be ashamed for posting this in 2019. This is a HUGE waist of time. Honestly this is why I never pay for courses from amateurs or old time programmers. For the love of god, if you are trying to teach somebody how to do something do it correctly and do not waist their time. 1 unlike is from me. First off you should stop using @media and learn how to use display:flex and display:grid . The world is mobile first dont forget about that.

  11. Sergey Belous at |

    Thanks for the Front End content!

  12. Themesmill Best Themes at |
  13. Anna Zu at |

    with flexbox you can easy make and order to show for elements and no need to repeat menu items to hide and show

  14. Alamgir Qazi at |

    Fantastic video!

  15. Ken Malone II at |

    Any small youtuber wants to help each other?

  16. Ken Malone II at |

    Hug to hug to newbie who wants?

  17. Brett Cooper at |

    wouldn't this be easier to do if you had used grid

  18. Wilder Notions at |

    A great place to show off your website is: BlueHost https://www.bluehost.com/track/wildernotions/
    Also, it's pretty cheap too!

  19. Matthew at |

    Thank you! after your last video, I've been looking around to figure out how to make my site responsive but it's like everyone does it a different way. even though i made progress, It's way easier understanding this coming from you.

  20. Chill channel name at |

    Can u also do implementing Shopify?

  21. Chill channel name at |

    Finally, can u answer me this tho? How do I center a button in the center of a page, I have a simple page I want to put out.

  22. mato blazek at |

    I have enjoyed watching ur vids and i even tried to learn web developing myslef, but this vid is far away from the last one you did as a tutorial and im soo sad from it because i have no idea what should i do and how to continue and where to learn all the skills. :(

  23. NoLogicGaming at |

    Thanks mate. But isn't bootstrap or material.io a better approach for our content? I understand images have to be manually handled. But what about the overall content?

  24. Mario Matschgi at |

    Keep on making such nice videos, you are very good at explaining html and css.
    You are truely the best webdeveloper on YouTube.

  25. Md Ariful Islam at |

    I want to learn full stack web development so which tophics i learn for full stuck web development?

  26. David Rosenberger at |

    Thank you for not using Bootstrap