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  1. Drew Ryan at |

    Hey guys I was blown away by the response to the Bootstrap website I put out the other week with all of the likes and comments – thanks! 😎

    Check out my NEW BOOTSTRAP THEME COURSE (12/18): http://bit.ly/advanced-bootstrap-course (94% Off Link)

  2. Ben Baljet at |

    Is there an easy way to make all images the same size other than only using certain sized images from google? I'm running into issues with my carousel and gifs because images are all different sizes. Functionally it all works but it looks funny

  3. yukari sasa at |

    Thanks for the nice tutorial!!!

  4. Eisenmann Bangis at |


  5. Hunt4art linearVector at |

    yEp Cool As – been that much time since making web pages as having been playing with Adobe PP last year or so etc: so thinking what next esp: with the page, I just did on tutorial & will be buying linked courses x many thanks :)

  6. sethu surya teja Pagolu at |

    Thanks for the tutorial!

  7. cheon Lee nacura at |

    sir does this work offline?

  8. Emmanuel Mozart at |

    Thanks Mr. Drew, this was quite helpful. Pretty much one of the non-entertainment 1 hr+ videos I have watched on youtube from beginning to end!

  9. DoodsGamer at |

    How did you fix the fixed image? did I miss it?

  10. Kyle Klaiber at |

    Yeah this was a great video! Straight to the point but also really informative. i was wondering how would I switch it so the navbar doesn't hide after scrolling past the carousel image. I looked at bootstrap documentation, it says to add navbar-fixed-top to navbar class and add padding-top: 70px but I'm not getting it to work. Any thoughts?

  11. mtbtouring at |

    55:05 is the CSS part

  12. arian nargesi at |

    This video was great and clear a lot of things for me .

  13. Parmar Dipak at |

    send the code sir

  14. Kuki Urie at |

    how did you connect the fixed background image? I can't find the url you set on the css pls help

  15. Franz Fritx at |

    awesome tutorial, thank you !!

  16. dylan jones at |

    Helped me massively, best Bootstrap tutorial on Youtube.

  17. Giuliano Cavallo at |

    excellent tutorial. I had a small hiccup everything works perfectly at all sizes, except for the background image (apple blue image) does not show in the browser at full and tablet size. I also would like if you could add smooth scrolling to sections for the one-page website, I really like that feature and I think clients would too. I'm looking at your classes on udemy.

  18. Lazy Vectors by Gioia Mariella at |

    Thanks for this! Very helpful <3

  19. Alex Pechauer at |

    Thanks Drew, great tutorial man.

  20. kh12productions at |

    Hey quick question, what are you using to write your code in? What program is that?

  21. Incognito Incognitov at |

    Thanks for such a great tutorial man!!! I'm a beginner in web development. Could you please explain why on 40:57 you specified 3 columns in a row only for md? But not for xs, lg, or sm? For example in jumbotron row you specified number of columns for each size xs,sm,md,lg,sl. But in "cards" row you specified only for md.. How does a browser "know" how many columns to display for other sizes?

  22. Cristóbal Salinas at |

    thank you a lot, i have a quiestion, why the navbar doesnt stay static on top?

  23. ST lOl at |

    awesome tutorial I watched 1:27:47 full video and just copied and paste the all codes as like you showed in this video.
    Thanks for making this tutorial. I have got all the idea about Bootstrap-4. Make this type of video regularly. And Subscribed!!! LOVE YOU!

  24. Fabio Szpeiter at |

    How did he change the text font of all that is written in the site?

  25. Adutu Andrew at |

    Indeed, Its awesome and great tutorial. You did a great job. Keep it up.

  26. Rudi at |

    All you idiots preaching like he was jesus! Try implementing some of these points in work you have to do and you will be banging your head against the wall and cutting your wrists! maybe you can do from top to finish THIS web page but the moment you have to do different thing most of it is useless. How can i remove Padding which pushes content in middle of screen when you need 3 divs be spread out equily the whole screen!!!! when padding takes 2/3 of screen!

  27. meatshield72 at |

    Can you please go into detail about the fixed image? All you did was write code for the figure but there was nothing to do with the image…

  28. Final Fantasy at |

    "poo for this guy…" What an insult for such a cute ice-cream. smh