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    thanks Bro

  3. George Cocciglia at |

    Thanks for your help but I am pulling out of Muse, after years of trying and following the right advice (like yours and other piers) I am giving up Muse. Unfortunately dealing with breaking points and pinning and a huge amount of other complexities is just too much. My 15 years experience with Illustrator and Photoshop is simply not enough, I don't have the time to figure out Muse and I m no longer Amused! – sorry for venting out but it's too much for me and I can't afford to loose more time an be totally frustrated.

  4. Richard Forgione at |

    Was following along with this video, and the text formatting still isn't working the way I want it to across breakpoints. I have a paragraph of text that I'm trying to keep rivers and jagged edges out of, and every time I set it to work the way I want it to on the breakpoints, it just keeps doing the same thing.

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    Thank you for blessing me with this tutorial that I needed so much.

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    I really appreciate Joe Jowers Comment, Thank you so much for learning this small but effective tips

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    Well, thank you so much, this really helped.

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    you are the goat bro

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    Hi do you have a tip on what breakpoints to use for mobile or phone layout on muse?

    also on an iphone 6 or 7 some.of my text became spaced out

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    Yeah, Great Job! Quick Tips… Short and Sweet!!!

  11. Very helpful thank you!

  12. George Cocciglia at |

    Dude, saved my life!!.. format text on current or across break points icon – Geez!! if it wasn't for you and I depended only on Adobe tutorials I would be in a mental asylum by now. Full respect to Dani Beaumont and Terry White but FRIKKEN heck (a) get to the point and (b) Why do 1 for long tutorials? Your 7 minute tutorial is PERFECT

  13. Kinescope Studios at |

    I was so stuck on that one. Very fast and easy to understand tutorial. Thanks a lot!

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    Thanks for this video..some tips for u guys..learn basic html and css first before using this tool, it help u understand what need to be done.

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    thank you – you could go a little slower that would make it easier to stop the video and catch up. but all the information I needed for this tasks. thanks again.

  16. OSD at |

    I've made two break points but when I go into preview it only shows the biggest one. I formatted the smaller one a certain way but it doesn't show up. I'm so confused.

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    you r to fast my friend.slow down

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    good job. forgot where this as at

  19. Jeremy JMIAH Williamson at |

    here's another testing site to test breakpoints for specific devices that a friend just shared with me!


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    John, I don't suppose there is a trick to add a hard break text "return" on one breakpoint and not have it on another breakpoint within the same text box??

  21. Digit7Design at |

    Thanks John, I had forgotten about that tool for text and was pulling my hair out figuring out how to do that! (Y) – Jeff

  22. Tony Cortese at |

    Your tutorials are very helpful… question, Why don't I have the option for my text box to stretch to browser width? After selecting only my text box, the only options I have are None and responsive width

  23. Oweno at |

    When i make a responsive website i have the problem that my site is flickering between different breakpoints. Can i fix this?

  24. Joe Jowers at |

    Wow! thanks, I was pulling my hair out trying to figure that out.

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    Saludos me doy cuenta que hablas español te felicito por tu trabajo acostumbro ver tus vídeos me ayudan mucho y estoy interesado en tus apps para muse pero me encantaría también que manejaras toda esta explicación también en español gente con la calidad de tu trabajo en español no hay por favor y gracias

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    Also something else I would like is a monthly crowd funding widget like in patreon. Users pick a pay plan e.g for 10 dollars a month you get free one on one Photoshop tutorials. They fill in their account and payment details, when ever I check my site a see a list of regidtered donators and their plan that they chose I click on one of them and it automaticly takes me to their email. Something like that, thank you.

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    Hey I'm not sure if you do requests or not but could you do a email subscription widget, where someone lists their email in a text box and you can send out a email to all of them with your content or updates, thank you

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    Can you make 6 months subscription or 3 months subscription? Please :)