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  1. Komi at |

    Hi Travis ! I really need your advice please..So as a frontend developer with sketch skills, should i include a sketch template for every HTML theme included in my portfolio? Thanks.

  2. Radio Golub at |

    I looked at your website and really liked it.

  3. Anglin George at |

    Hey Senior..! I love {dev tips}.. Lots of inspired with your suggesions

  4. Jerry Marc Hermoso at |

    Hey travis, im a fresh college grad and i've taken cs as a course and fell inlove in front end development. Im now searching for a job that requires a front end developer but they're asking for my online portfolio.
    Sad 'cause Im not good back end and didn't experience to upload and host our capstone project back in school soooo what do you think I shall do? Is it okay to present my program in a laptop just for them to see my portfolio?
    More power to you bro!

  5. LilmasCheerPSP at |

    HI, I'm a CS student. I want to create a portfolio I can share with those who check out my resume. What is the best way to share my work? For example, codepen, github, personal website, a folder/directory on my flash drive?

  6. Ash Ome at |

    Hi Traviss I love your every video and I agree with you , but my question is should I put my projects on dribble and behance to get clients for my web design agency ? Is that something I can do ?

  7. Gurvir Singh at |

    Lol its akshay not ashkay😂

  8. Ernest Chan at |

    Does any web designer create their own business card for networking? if yes, how much is your budget? Thanks.

  9. Devender Singh at |

    Trust me I searched 'Travis'… cuz you are AWESOME bro !!!!!!!

  10. TheLOTTJ at |

    I was looking for something on this topic!!!

  11. TimeToLive at |

    Great video! I also have my own question. when a client asks me to build him a website, should I take care to the back end side with the server or should I tell him that I only do the frontend?

    most of the people who come to you don't know how to deal with servers. so how can I sell them only my front end services?

  12. Evaldas Kal at |

    yo, keep up with the awesome work man. Just a little tip: check your focus. Cuz sometimes you're getting out of focus (blurry) arround 1:35 to 1:36 is an example. seems like it could be auto focus but I'm unsure.

  13. nevermakesagoodid at |

    my mind has been blown.

  14. WolfKing7 at |

    I'm really loving these Q&A vids. Hope you keep doing these!

  15. Greg Vissing at |

    Great video and love the #AskTravisAnything segments! Do you recommend making the portfolio website one page? I want to have the following sections for my Web Development website: Services, Portfolio, About, Blog Code Lounge (sort of like CodePen as a repository for code that I've had to research in the past), Contact. Thanks for your time!

  16. Otto Zaiser at |

    Travis, how do I get an invitation to dribbble? If you don't know someone you're doom.

  17. Paul Le at |

    Love these videos, especially this one! I'm a recent graduate in physics, but I got hooked on design/development a few years back, your videos are a huge help for me

  18. joeltheegoal at |

    but on dribble you have to get invited… how do you solve that. ?

  19. Dev Right at |

    Travis I have made a social network with rails,sass,html in which people can post,like,comment others post.
    here is the link – https://radiant-caverns-11506.herokuapp.com

    i hope you will see it :)

    Keep On Hacking!

  20. Dibakar Mitra at |

    is that really important have my portfolio website?

  21. TheJohnny220 at |

    How long did it take you before you landed your first job?

  22. adnan hyder choudhury at |

    loving it..
    may i get your behance profile link?

  23. Fabrizio Tappero at |

    hi Travis, great video!!! however you might want to turn off the autofocus. cheers

  24. manish adwani at |

    hey it's not ashkay its akshay

  25. Takordy at |

    Where is "Keep on hacking"? 😀

  26. Lia Finau at |

    lol I wonder how many people watched you in the park videotaping yourself doing all those crazy moves. You're awesome ha.

  27. Viraj Sirimanna at |

    thanks for the useful tips :)

  28. vipul goswami at |

    Thank travis for great advice, keep going. I have one question how do you manage your time between work at google, family & friends and finally youtube friends like us. As from quality of your videos i can see you would be doing very good amount of editing.What is your schedule for day.

  29. fayekhelmi at |

    awesome advice Travis! I was having a really hard time to figure out how to design my home page to accommodate all of the various stuff that i do (stuff that's quite different from one another as well, like web development, hardware building, music production and DJing, photography…etc) ive went through several iterations and nothing really felt right because i couldn't fit all these different sides under 1 single layout.
    but after this video/checking out your homepage (it was the first time i open it sorry :3) things became a lot clearer. Thanks again Trav, you're an inspiration as always :)

  30. Jason Matthew at |

    Loving it!

  31. Johnny Glockem at |

    Could anybody share links to some of your favorite front-end dev portfolios as reference?

  32. Michal Przybylowicz at |

    +1 for mentioning linked!

  33. Michael Harris at |

    where is a good hub for web developers?

  34. Marco Ferreira at |

    Great video! The audio was a bit too loud…

  35. Ranie Santos at |

    Hey Trav, so about this series. Instead of the usual answer a ton of comments in one video, you're making this a… answer only 1 question but post videos everyday thing? Is that about right?

  36. Learnet Education at |

    thats akshay not ashkey

  37. Yousif Imran at |


  38. MrNoobTim at |

    Travis I love these ask anything videos! Please keep them going!

  39. Adrian Fernandes at |

    u said ashkay lol