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  1. GD MOD at |

    7:15 you can use
    <div style='border-radius: 100%; overflow: hidden'> <img src='…' style='transform: translate (-50%,-50%); width: 100%;height: 100% ' > </img></div>

    For this.

    Or simply use jquery plugin called : image croper. From jqueryscripts.net or something.

  2. S F at |

    I wish I had someone to sit me down and explain this to me

  3. Flip Back at |

    Great video. I would like to see a video of you explaining how to make template files and displaying Custom Fields in the front end of a WordPress site. This is great. I love your content.

  4. Farhan Munim at |

    Please do a full tutorial?!

  5. jesus rod at |

    I normally don't comment on any youtube videos, but your videos are awesome and really learn a lot from it. Can I ask you what WP theme you used for this website?. Did you have to create a child theme or you just simply used template pages on an existing one?.

  6. Rendi Sati at |

    You good coding development

  7. emanandchill at |

    Damn this is actually really good. You're a pro coder basically. You did a lot of complex things. I wonder how long did this take.

  8. abdallah chamakh at |

    i don't ever want my coding abilities to limit my design abilities => i love it

  9. MH vvlogs at |

    Please do more real project videos .full complete
    Thank you for reading

  10. Cuban Nerd at |

    I have to learn git and refresh my old coding skills. I'm rusty. lol I went from coding in Pascal and C# to ASP then PHP and creating data bases with MySQL all from scratch to purely front end. Then becoming a graphic designer and just doing websites purely on wordpress with page builders combined with html and css. Now I'm trying to go back to my roots. ^_^ Things have changed so much in 10 years.

  11. juliane at |

    How did you learn to code?

  12. Adrian Kettle at |

    wow that is so neeeeet

  13. The Coder at |

    var mssge = 'great video';

  14. Mark Hermano at |

    who's Dylan your talking about? Dylan Israel?

  15. Mark Hermano at |

    How long did you did this? this is really good website!! I'm jealous!

  16. Paul Solt at |

    I loved this conference webpage. Great work Charli!

  17. Rich Williams at |

    how did you get the code to be displayed with sublime and not in wordpress? Did you code outside of wordpress ? wordpress confuses me .

  18. CON JOR at |

    can you make video on back end web developement please

  19. George Kishe at |

    This is quality information in a subtle way. Marvelous video!

  20. Iggeman at |


  21. liga adde at |

    We love you never main our power with u

  22. Ahmed Hussein at |

    I love the design a lot <3