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  1. Bring Your Own Laptop at |

    Hi everyone, the full course is here: https://goo.gl/lNiuz7

  2. Gil Quito at |

    Thank you.  Much better for beginners like me than the tutorials on Adobe itself.

  3. KNAIM at |

    Amazing tutorial! Thank you so much! I have a question though…I already have my website built but it's only desktop friendly. My HTML and CSS is stacked with code…so how can I add in the tablet and phone sizes to make my website mobile friendly without rewriting the entire HTML and CSS? And where would I write it?

    Thank you

  4. nadeem qairot at |

    god , I wasted a whole day searching for how I can make a picture responsive , and I was finding some codes but without explaining , and in 7:35 you made all that just clear , thanks a lot sir

  5. Jordan Fletcher at |

    How did you create the multi view photoshop layout file?

  6. BlackHulkGaming at |

    I use dreamweaver on my laptop which is a MacBook Pro 13 inch screen. Apparently DW doesn’t let me do desktop size because a laptop is my biggest size do you think coding using my desktop I just built that is plugged into my tv is a good idea. Or if I want to code for a desktop on my laptop can I by using a certain line of code? I really like using my laptop cause then I can use it on the go.

  7. Krittanai Chiangrang at |

    ดีมากเลย Good

  8. teddy 1x at |

    Hey Dan, great videos… they really help refresh my memory on HTML

  9. Lewis The Space Pope at |

    Thanks for this mate very easy to understand and follow excellent work

  10. Explore zones at |

    thank you

  11. Nydia Cardona at |

    I have a premade website I built in the old version of dreamweaver that site was not responsive I would like to make it responsive without rebuilding it is there anyway to do that having trouble.

  12. Rosy Fernandez at |

    Nuevamente gracias maestro!!

  13. Rosy Fernandez at |

    una consulta como hago para que las imagenes sean responsive????

  14. Rosy Fernandez at |

    Hola Amigo muchas gracias por el aporte!!! No entiendo ingles pero no hizo falta porque lo explicaste bien!!!
    Desde Argentina te saludos!

  15. Molly Papier at |

    Dan, how do I link to the course? I cannot get back to the videos? I paid $12…? I cannot find where I left off? I'm sorry, I realize this is a ridiculous question…I'll keep looking…

  16. DevInfo at |

    perfect work Sir Daniel , thank you

  17. Dean Lyons at |

    When ever I type something after an @ symbol in CSS, it is red. Is that a problem? Thanks!

  18. 75STARFISH at |

    I am a teacher of Computer Science, this is absolutely amazing. I'm going to switch from using notepad++ to dreamweaver

  19. ramakgau mamabolo at |

    im having trouble with the tablet and mobile section in terms of making it respond in the brower when i test for different sizes, it does not want to change colors when i narrow it down.