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  1. Raju Dk at |

    instead of resizing header img u could use img width property, or css property

  2. t.d. l. at |

    hi! I have only a trial version of DW CC 2018. I'm new to DW and don't have knowledge of responsive coding (I used DW more than 10 years ago, before responsive websites).
    There is no "New Fluid Grid Layout" option in the File menu in this version. If I open File –> New –> New Document –> click on Bootstrap tab –> Create new, I can see an empty page without seeing the pink bootstrap columns or anything. When I choose "Include a pre-built layout", there is a new page full with content, buttons etc, but I cannot see that simple page you are showing at 0:50.

  3. nitish kumar at |
  4. Ibrahim Husein Gana at |

    This is very easy and awesome way to create a responsive website. In fact you are the best!! Thank you so much for this wonderful and educative video.

  5. Default Gateway - Kallol Ghosh at |

    How do you got common, layout, forms, data, spry etc. option tab? I don't have those options in my Dreamweaver cs6. Help me.

  6. Abbas Ali at |

    dear team, i need some offline help from you. Please help me. My number – 9551914597. If possible share your contact number.

  7. Muhammad Ghufran at |

    Which version of Dreamweaver is this ?