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  1. mariocarnival at |

    01:49 What happen if I want to attach a bootstrap 4.1.1.min.css and the other is files, liker popper and so on… Will it work. I am trying to do this with the DWCC 2018, which comes with the bootstrap 4.0.0, but now the current version is 4.1.1. Other thing: Your tutorial named "How to install bootstrap…." but actually its is ALREADY INSTALLED in the DW from CC onwards. The video would be relevant if you mention how to CHANGE the bootstrap version to the newer one.

  2. SK Social Media Manager at |

    Hello, I have Dreamweaver cc 2014 , followed your steps but couldn't successfully install BootStrap when I go to create a new document on HTML , there doesn't appears the bootstrap category. Please help me.

  3. Chris Mills at |

    Cheers Dan! Nice freebie! And super clear!

  4. Nikhil Jaiswal at |

    Nice and thanks for this tutorial

  5. Nikhil Jaiswal at |

    I tried to find lot things BUT THIS IS BEST…….BEST

  6. Rajesh Lanka at |

    First of all thank you so much for the tutorial. Actually, I want to install bootstrap-4-beta using DW-cc could you please help me.

  7. Ny'cier Jefferson at |

    so helpful !!!

  8. Frederick Sappor at |

    Good video, but it doesnt show us how to install bootstrap. It rather shows us how to create a site using bootstrap.

  9. Yoli Ari at |

    I don't know if you'll show it in the following videos but I have a question… I am taking a Webdesigner course and my teacher said we should make our own CSS sheet so we don't mess up the bootstrap.css, is it true?
    This course has been a nightmare for me, I don't get anything.. :,,,,( I'll continue your tutorial because you explain better than my teacher. I'm frustrated!

  10. Cass Johnson at |

    I don't have DW-CC but I do have DW – CS6. The problem I have is DW – CS6 doesn't give the option to create a new file with bootstrap. So my question is how to do it with CS6 vs the Creative Cloud ?

  11. saleem faeq at |

    I love adobe so much

  12. saleem faeq at |

    nice t-shert mr.

  13. saleem faeq at |

    hi this is saleem faeq a web designer and developer from Iraq_Bahdad
    My question is from which file dreamweaver cc fetch ( bring) bootstarp.css & bootstarp.js in-order to update by new one >> thank u very much sir.