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  1. Lalthanpuia Fanai at |

    Can you upload this in github please

  2. Lisa Mona at |

    Hello sir , very good tutorial, but my scroller is not working . Can u give me full source code along with images and other files. Thank you

  3. tushar paul at |

    Can anyone give me source image folder of this project????

  4. tushar paul at |

    Bro can u give your source file of this project in tusharpaul00005@gmail??

  5. Manik basha at |

    Hi bro Can I get the source code bro ,
    the flexslider isn't working mail-id: vk14hit@gmail.com

  6. Dipali Madge at |

    flexslider is not working.please send me code.madge.dipali@gmail.com

  7. Pragya Mishra at |

    Thanks for the trick ….sir

  8. Muhammad Akram at |

    Awesome stuff! Can you please share the source code? aksontv74@gmail.com

  9. Mido Osman at |

    the Flexslider doesn't work, I repeated the video more than 5 times, I could not fix it

  10. Abnoxious 5 at |

    hey can you plz send me the code via email plzz

  11. wondimu yohaness at |

    i need the source code b/c slider is not navigate pls send me your source code!

  12. tushar kamankar at |

    Not working flex sider i watch 20times follow the changes can u please anyone give mi the solution


    for smooth scrolling instead of jquery you can just add
    scroll-behavior: smooth;

  14. User Lion at |

    woocommerce slider doesn't work what i do? the site not execute properly

  15. William Chandler at |

    Im giving up on this video, the Flexslider doesn't work, everyone is telling you and you don't have an answer at all. Also if everyone notices, he is making the CSS changes in the downloaded Flexslider file not the project file, which makes absolutely no sense since they are not linked at all in the HTML file. Anyway good luck everyone.

  16. Chandan Pandey at |

    Sir I watch your video step by step but my navigation baar is not making good as your navigation bar, I matched all cod with your tutorial again and again but I'm not getting my mistak….. Please help me sir..

  17. biswaraj mallick at |

    sir can I get the source code of this site

    sir my email id is biswarajmallickhr@gmail.com

  18. Mikhill Mcharchan at |

    MATE ! the flexslider thing doesnt work at all! No matter how many times i try, it is STILL IN VAIN ! What should i do ?

  19. Phanh Nhợn at |

    sory sir? Can i've this temple??? plss give me :((

  20. Saba Asgher at |


  21. Syafrizal at |

    I follow your video step by step. After copied and edit Navbar Bootstrap code didnot work like yours? My navbar not going to the top. Always stay in the bottom of image. Why?

  22. Gaming reviews at |

    Booty-strap :)

  23. Meraj Khan at |

    Bhai music off kardo

  24. sedere holt at |

    Great work bro…..So for guys having problems with their woocommerce i find the solution to it….I had the same issue that was because i was using Jquery 3.3.1….In other for it to work you will have to use Jquery 2.2.4 hope this helps…..https://code.jquery.com/jquery-2.2.4.min.js

  25. samira nicky at |

    the video is not very visible !! help us to see clearly what you are doing

  26. Lawrenece Cole at |

    very stupid to make video like

  27. Lawrenece Cole at |

    What is this, Is this how your prepared visual video for learning .. you are writing for yourself not the viewers..

  28. shravan at |

    You used 70% of css & html not bootstrap

  29. sameer pokharel at |

    give all surces in a single zip file

  30. The Wint3r at |

    I had a problem with the gallery where the images are too small or too big than the others if you have the same problem open your style.css(above .gallery_grid_img) and enter the code:
    .gallery_grid_img img{
    height: 100%;
    width: 100%;
    Ready now all images should be the same size

  31. GABRIEL COKU at |

    Hi I am your new subscriber, can I please have a link for the images used in the project please.

  32. Prerana Swarnkar at |

    Sir this website is very beautiful ,I want to design it…but I m unable to download bootstrap,jss ,fontawesome same paths,plz explain it or suggest alternative…

  33. Mirror African TV at |

    what will it take for you to use my bootstrap theme do design my own? can you take orders if yes please let me know