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  1. Vishnu n.a at |

    How to insert lightbox on this owl carousel?

  2. Surya Prakash at |

    sir can u xplne this topic with w3css

  3. tamzid azam at |

    The carousel slider is just working fine…but i need a responsive carousel slider that will have links carried on them and when you press the link, it will load up the link in an iframe

  4. FunnyWorld-FW at |

    Great job

  5. Niraj Jagdale at |

    Thanx sir
    i have seen first time your video and subscribe your channel

  6. Bishnu Paul at |

    Help me to set container width

  7. irfan ansari at |

    Really Thank You, SIR
    finally, I subscribed and only because of this video

  8. Vector Institute at |

    there is no such file bootstrap.css there is bootstrap.min.css

  9. Jawad Ahmed at |

    How to make navigation to side by side ?

  10. Somnath Roy at |

    Sir i use your code but not get any output???

  11. ammar ganja at |

    Not work chrome

  12. Gouranga Kala at |

    Bro. I want to place the Next and previous icon at the middle left and middle right of the carousel …can You Help Me To Solve This..If Possible Please Respond Me Through my Gmail:-gourangaslozen@gmail.com Thank You..

  13. sh gold at |

    why I don't see buttons below the pictures in my project?

  14. swela khan at |

    auto play not working

  15. web service ap at |

    auto play not working please fix the problem

  16. pawan kanojia at |

    Make it dynamic please using php MySQL

  17. Software Tech at |

    nice bro

  18. Prakash Babu at |

    how to place left and right buttons at the end of the container

  19. Muhammad Adnan at |

    It's not responsive bcz you haven't usesd bootstrap col classes? Make it responsive please

  20. yt-lyrics.com movie trailer at |

    Not work chrome:S

  21. vaibus Pa at |

    How to place nav button top right corner?!