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  1. APRATIM DAS at |

    I have executed the html and css file exactly the same way as shown in GTCoding.My webpage runs absolutely perfect when i am running this on my laptop,but the issue is coming when i am trying to view the same in my mobile , the page is showing just the html page without the css .So can anybody please help me out in this issue?

  2. kodzo edem Tudzi at |

    wonderful tutorial, but i would like to have a sub-sub menu (a sub-menu under a sub-menu), and i got it done but i can't seem to have the sub-sub menu to {display:none} until i hover over it before it appears. the sub-sub menu is displaying together with the sub menu, how can i fix that, i tried all i could…Thanks for the help!!!

  3. Jorge A. Garza V at |


  4. Crispy Science at |

    hey how to make the links for the about page in the mobile navigation?

  5. Has anybody actually got this to work? I spent all day on it and went through it twice and I cannot get the hamburger menu to open or close. Part one of this series works perfectly, but I'm not sure what the problem is, at least for me, with this responsive part. I've checked and rechecked my code and it's exactly like the authors.

    I'm going to give it one more shot tomorrow. I used different headings for the menus and submenus and didn't do exactly like he did – I don't know if that was the problem.

  6. Sabbir Ahmed Saad at |

    What about the next level?

  7. Yana Banelis at |

    [i am a begginer so dont judge lol]
    i wrote the same script but something went wrong, i guess because i only have the first 3 navbar tabs, the "about" tab remains as simple black text
    what are the possible mistakes here?

  8. NSLAS Shore at |

    awesome! thank you! I have been looking for a menu icon, that I did not need to use an image…. good job!