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  1. Harish Narayanan at |

    How is this responsive?

  2. Rodrigo Maia at |

    how is this responsive?

  3. Philip Langley at |

    That's not a responsive grid.

  4. Sumaya Mehzabin at |

    Thank you for your tutorials. I find them very easy to understand and helpful.

    Would you please add some more video tutorials on Sketch?

  5. Burak Özdelice at |

    Do you really know what is responsive?

  6. Mélissa.Smokeyesstudio at |

    Hello! Are you made more tuttos with sketch ?

  7. Bruce Xue at |

    Hey Dansky, you might tell us more. Such as how why choose 960px wide, and how to confirm the number of columns? And the value of column width… Hope you can help me. Thanks.

  8. Adam Rashid at |

    hi Dansky, Please is there a way we can convert a path back to stroke line?

  9. FLOWTUTS at |

    thanks ^^

  10. Quail Man at |

    Would you consider doing a video on how to use a grid?

    There was recently a video that trended on webdesignernews that was something like "the designer's guide to grid theory."

    I personally am one of those designers that eyeball everything and never use a grid.

    I think a video on designing to a grid and putting it to use would be VERY helpful for a lot of people.

    You miss this when you are self taught.

  11. naj da at |

    what is this program? and what does it do??
    thank you

  12. Garry Aylott at |

    Another great vid Dansky. So glad I moved over to Sketch from Photoshop early last year.

    This is super useful too. Thanks.

  13. Yashwanth Yash at |

    Finally you made a sketch video :) , Please make more of sketch.
    Isn't 960 grid out of standard now with widescreen space dominating. I use 1170 grid. Your thoughts on it Dan?

  14. Mohit Wasnik at |

    me 2nd lol close enough!!!

  15. Pixel Breaker at |

    First view, first like, first comment, one minute ago! Woo!