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  1. Rick Rapstine at |

    Any particular reason you use Espresso over something like Sublime or Atom? Just curious.

  2. Alexander Apostolov at |

    Any reason why it's placeholders.sass and not _placeholders.sass ?

  3. Harold Sawal at |

    How would you change the font? Like lets say you want to change h1 to a different font than the kicker?

  4. ahmed beheiry at |

    Hey Travis, I wanna say that I really love watching your tutorials .. but I really didn't understand what you did with Jekyll & assets & iclude stuff .. so can you help me with that ?
    thanks in advance :)

  5. David Stymiest at |

    Excited with the code @ 29:02 lol

  6. Bos Eriko Reyes at |

    I've been watching you for a week now and… I've learned a lot. I'm not even a beginner but I'm learning a lot. The applications you use to help you build websites are awesome. Very… very very handy.

  7. malamigpusa at |

    Just wondering, what does your workspace look like? When I decided for sure I wanted to major in Web Design (changed from Graphic Design), I always had this super clean, white desk white monitor, organized and simplified work space. But I'm 20min in this video – yes I started at Part 1 – and I'm wondering if you've got a dual monitor type thing going on? Do you have a pic of your work area lol? (: great tips btw, literally making notes as I go! Thanks

  8. Marvin Gwapo at |

    Nice tutorial bro but much better if it was step by step, the DevTips starter kit and files on this video didn't much that was confusing. The Google Fonts also you didn't elaborate more.


    Travis, I download the Devtips Starter Kit, but is totally different from this one you using, in the folder you have (3- section)I have (3- module) the jekyll is amazing and is work very good for me, I include the header, but the _header.sass I made is not working, every folder have different things, is difficult to follow, but I do my best, I hope the sass work with me, I use Brackets in fedora (linux).

  10. matthew smith at |

    do i really need to learn sass to be a good web devlopper ? i just don't like it :/ plz answer im confused

  11. earl curitana at |

    hey Travis, I need your help man about jekyll…im trying to mimic what your doing from start to finish, but whenever i get to the 5th video of this series i can't seem to copy it the same way. need help email me earlcuritana@gmail.com and your awsome.

  12. Ali Qureshi at |

    If anyone struggles with changing the bg colour to pink even though they've tried every other solution, try changing your port number in the config.yml file, mine was clashing with another installation, somehow this ended up working for me!

  13. Hi Travis, background color updates to pink only in incognito mode, why ?)

  14. Benedict J. Deiß at |

    Hi Travis, is there a way to include other html files in my "index.html" without any programm? Just with the editor "Atom" out of the box?

    Thank you :)

  15. Shamseer Ahammed at |

    Spmebody helpmeout
    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <link href='https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css">
    <div class="header">
    <div class="navbar">
    <li><a href="">Aboutme</a></li>
    <li><a href="">Work</a></li>
    <li><a href="">Clients</a></li>
    <li><a href="">Contact</a></li>
    <h1><span class"stuff"> SHAMSEER AHAMMED M </span></h1>
    <p class="info">Designer//Designer//Designer</p>

    height: 450px;
    background-color: #ccc;
    font-family: 'Montserrat', sans-serif;
    float: right;
    display: inline-block;
    margin: 30px 30px 0 0;

    .navbar li{
    display: inline-block;
    padding-left: 10px;
    .navbar ul {
    text-transform: uppercase;
    list-style-type: none;
    margin: 0px;
    .navbar ul li a{
    font-weight: 700;
    text-decoration: none;
    color: #575555;

    .navbar ul li a:hover{
    color: black;
    text-align: center;
    text-transform: uppercase;
    color: white;
    letter-spacing: 5px;
    margin-bottom: 1px;
    clear: both;
    border: white solid 3px;
    display: inline-block;

    text-align: center;
    font-weight: 700;
    text-transform: uppercase;
    letter-spacing: 5px;
    margin: 0px;
    clear: both;

    When i remove the code " display: inline-block; " from h1 in CSS everything seems alright..but when i insert that everything collapses any idea???

  16. Conrado Mateu Gisbert at |

    Awesome playlist.

    But im stuck when i set the background image
    I have tried many possibilities but doesn't work:

    background: url('file:///Users/K0nd3v/Desktop/aa/ss.jpg')
    background: url(file:///Users/K0nd3v/Desktop/aa/ss.jpg)
    background: url(../aa/ss.jpg')

  17. Ayaz Alam at |

    Subscribed for your expressions!

  18. Nroobz at |

    i'm missing something, what's the setup you're using to have sass compile to css?

  19. Alexander Jones at |

    I'm a bit confused on margin for the text border. Is there a way to make the border fix to the text, like in yours, but without it messing up on differently-sized screens? Am I missing something? Thanks.

  20. Ghost Rider at |

    In your tuts there are things I already know but I always learn new stuff. Thanks Travis for your passion. Your really love doing these!

  21. H.E Pennypacker at |

    Any chance you could share the background picture (header)?? I want the picture only in jpg if possible

  22. CHAMAM PIANO at |

    I have been following you closely however, @import 'header' seems not functioning and I am not sure what I am doing wrong?

  23. Dacks Milliken at |

    Hello there – I don't know what happened but some time during this video I got this error on my Terminal:

    Conversion error: Jekyll::Converters::Sass encountered an error while converting 'assets/css/all.sass':
    The line was indented 2 levels deeper than the previous line. on line 28
    jekyll 3.0.1 | Error: The line was indented 2 levels deeper than the previous line. on line 28

    I've gone into the all.sass file and attempted to fix the indentation, but nothing is working. this is an odd problem because it seemed to come out of nowhere. any idea?


  24. Christian Westwood at |

    Website from scratch my ass!! I'm 3 and a half minutes in and I'm fucking lost.

  25. I wonder if I can use haml with jerkyll, I mean jekyll. I can't help this 'r' popping up. :) Cool stuff!

  26. I love your videos! So if I get you right, you first create a new portfolio folder (jerkyll new portfolio) and then you don't use it anymore. Artist-Theme has already all core jerkyll files, right?

  27. bubba hubba at |

    For certain things i don't mind video tutorials but if you want to learn html/css and other languages from scratch and properly i suggest a book. Web Design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery Set by John duckett

    This is a good starting point, because zipping through a video will drive you nuts

  28. Limpuls at |

    Sass? Just great, now I will have to stop watching these series.

  29. Souhail Kaoussi at |

    No matter what I do, I can't make the copyright look the way it should!
    I copied pasted, I followed the video but nothing seems to be right
    any one facing the same problem?
    the footer looks great, but when I inspect element, it seems that the copyright element and the links arent inlined, something wrong with margin left maybe? … please help

  30. timy m at |

    Hello, I follow your instruction from beginning then download the starter kit; and rename it so it looks like the one on this video; but in beginning I had a problem in changing background to pink. How can I solve it? I'm still learning. Thank you

  31. Adam Snape (Inuhoo) at |

    As a SASS noob, I've never seen the markup/down before? is this processed in your editor or am I missing a gem? using + instead of @include is alone more than enough to get me interested!

  32. Serhii css at |

    Is there a way to see original CSS location via DevTools?

  33. Steven A. Royster at |

    opacity? 44:00

  34. Serhii css at |

    Run Jekyll on Windows: http://jekyll-windows.juthilo.com/

  35. dragonore2009 at |

    Do you use reset.css at all?

  36. Haider Raza at |

    Hey Travis,
    I am following your video course but I am stuck with {% include header.html %} not rendering the output on index page but instead it shows as {% include header.html %} on the index.html. Any solution for this??

    I followed the following steps:
    1. cloned devstarter kit jekyl starte kit
    2. created new folder _includes under it
    3. created _includes/header.html and put "Hello" there.
    4. opened index.html and below body tag : "{% include header.html %}

  37. Madhu Sudhan Subedi at |

    When I download the Artists-Theme and run the command on command Prompt Following Message shows
    Conversion Error : Jekyll:: converters::sass encountered an error while converting "assets/css/all.sass':
    Invalid css after "… -7", "Proj-8", ":expected expression (e.g. , px ,bold), was " " on line 10 .

    How to solve it to run the project ! Somebody Please Help Me !

  38. Grace Richardson at |

    Hey Travis!
    Im trying to follow along using your new starter kit and when i use {% import header.html %} The index file just prints it as text instead of interpreting it, is this because the new starter kit does not have jekyll or am I just doing something silly!
    It would be super helpful if you could do a video talking through the new starter kit and how we would create a website from the very very very beginning with just the starter kit, walking through all of the programs and how you use them!
    Thank you so much your videos are great :)

  39. Bas de Vries at |

    I can't figure out why it doesn't import my sass.

    Linked my _header to the _-sections-dir and linked the _-sections-dir to my all.sass

    (@import '3-sections/-sections-dir')

    but it doesn't work (tried @import '3-sections/header' and @import '3-sections/sections-dir aswel).

    How to link all.sass to the css file in the _site folder? Cause it doesn't show any css.

  40. Lucas Li at |

    Hi Travis! This is such a cool tutorial but I am quite new to Espresso. Previously I used Dreamweaver to code my web. Would you please share me more about the difference between these two? Which one is better to stick on? Thank you!

  41. Francis Ngo at |

    downloaded the starter kit and i noticed there was an extra folder "4-pages" and folder three is named "3-modules". in the video, you started a file "_header.sass" and placed it in folder three, named "3-sections". is this the same as "4-pages"? i tried to put "_header.sass" in folder "4-pages" which it includes main.css and main.sass. for someone reason, it doesnt render the code that I input (following video). any solution to this?

  42. Ali Khan at |

    plz make one video for windows users to debug the problems the face while following your video series. there are so many win user who find it really hard to follow along

  43. Ali Khan at |

    it is bit of hard for newbies like me but iam commited to learn it. great vid

  44. Ali Khan at |

    hi bro for my code
    background: pink
    height :450px
    command line jekyll says: conversion error invalid css after height expected pseudoclass or element was 450px on line 3
    whats wrong with my code?

  45. Ariba Jameel at |

    why name of folders are different in github devkit

  46. Ariba Jameel at |

    Plz help sir
    your index.html is not same as on github devkit.
    i m unable to include {% include header.html %}
    i was trying it on preprose. do i need anything else as prerequisite?

  47. Darrell Mayson at |

    ok, mind officially blown. first time e..v..e..r ihave seen svg done (& explained!) like that. also much jelly of your style skills. one day i too hope to possess these so i can just get on with designing & not flitting around trying to learn syntax, rules, tool quirks etc. lovin this series bro!

  48. Trent Hogan at |

    You lost me here. Don't know the programs you are using, don't even know what Sass is. This course is awesome but it is beyond newbie me. I understand the HTML & CSS but that's it. :/

  49. Francesco Pisu at |

    I need some help :
    I'm trying to color the svg logo (like yours) when I hover it, but what I want is a little bit of transition from color to color (black to white for example).
    I can't figure it out how to do it..

  50. iGeorge at |

    PLEASE someone help. Whenever I put anything into the _header.sass I get the error:

    Conversion error: Jekyll::Convertors::Sass encountered an error while converting 'assets/css/main.css':
    Properties are only allowed within rules, directives, mixin includes, or other properties. On line 1

    Before go crazy and smash all the glassware in my house, please help ;_;