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  1. zahid khan at |

    its not working. i already have fixed bg i think thats y
    can you make a video for fix bg embed videos

  2. Reg Livermore at |

    Thank you! Perfect

  3. Profits Marketing Group at |

    Wow! Thanks so much as I've been struggling with this issue for awhile and I am not a coder by any means. You made it very simple. Love it! I subbed too

  4. _ at |

    Nice, thx !

  5. DaveKarl at |

    Thanks, good code.

  6. Adson Macedo at |

    Thank you, helped a lot.

  7. Emmanuel Michira at |

    Thank you.

  8. INFINITY 808 at |

    🌴 Mahalo for the tips, and for the punch!

  9. Carlo Jay Tejero at |

    well done bro

  10. Anthony Harmon at |

    Worked like a charm, thank you!

  11. Moshiko Dahan at |

    thank you so much! this help me a lot!
    can you explain also how to do the same with image? making slideshow images fully responsive?

  12. Павел Усов at |

    От души душевно в душу!

  13. savage SHIDAN at |

    I tried and the video came out but when I click the vedio it doesn't work, is it because some music videos aren't allowed or what's going on. Thanks bro

  14. MoneyPapa at |

    thanks for useful video! i tried and it worked (i have no idea about coding)))). can u pls advise how can i make the following: i need the width to be responsive BUT until some value? For example – I want my embeded videos to be automatically extended but not wider than 640px thanks.

  15. Fernanda Silva at |

    omg thank you!!

  16. ADMI PRO ❶ at |

    hello bro can you show me the solution to do this steps in blogger not wordpress
    and thx so much bro

  17. Piggie Parodies at |

    Awesome, thank you for this!

  18. Sukul Saren at |

    where to past the css code plz reply

  19. Lemuel Jordan at |

    Thank You. saved my bacon.

  20. Joanne Reader at |

    Thanks so much! Really appreciate it and the humor :)

  21. Ed Swillo at |

    I looooooove you bro ^^

  22. HD Titan at |

    Works perfectly, I suggest using this. I adjusted the height value manually though since the video was so tiny height-wise

    height: 360px;

  23. Petro TNC International at |

    Thank you so much.

  24. Pedro Dias at |

    Thank you my brother! Hugs from Brazil!

  25. Paul Welding at |

    Just what I was looking for!!

  26. Milena Nikolic at |

    You are save my life! Thank you very much!

  27. Tobax9878 at |

    Thank you my brother! Hugs from Argentina!

  28. Tine Müller at |

    Great video and tip, thanks. Do you have an example where there are other text on the site and not only an embedded youtube video? I ask because I had some problems where I have several sentences of text and on top this embedded video. I looks strange on the "normal" site but ok on mobile – I use http://mobiletest.me/ to test it.
    You can see my site here http://tinemuller.dk/gis-afdelinger/youtube_index.html

  29. Alexander Gomez Romero at |

    Well done!

  30. Vincent at |

    Hey man! Found your channel while tryin to find a solution for a site you know well… 😉 I hope you're well. Great video and thx for the tips! Vince from Clermont

  31. Anthony DM at |

    Gracias Senor Punch, U da man.

  32. Sadpo at |

    Thank you so much. I using this 😀

  33. Gráfica MN Print at |

    Thank you!

    Awesome content. :)

  34. Γιώργος Επιτήδειος at |

    Worked like a charm. Thank you very much.