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  1. Здравость at |

    How can one add more categories to be available for selection within BEF settings? That is, if I create more Vocabularies with entries inside, how can I make them available for exposition through BEF?

  2. ThesainOne at |

    this guy makes fantastic tutorials

  3. achigreek at |

    Im getting a rediculous AJAX error on my whole site when using BEF, any ideas?

  4. Mike Keran at |

    Stupid character limits…

    re: #2: That can be done using Views' default title filter and setting the operator to "contains". Combined with an autocomplete text filter, this can make for a very smooth UX.

    Good luck.

  5. Mike Keran at |

    re #1: That's a limitation of Views — they don't provide a enumeration of node titles because of concerns about performance. It could be argued (and it has: drupal.org/node/840512) that sites can have as many taxonomy terms or users as nodes, Anyhow, it can be done with hook_form_alter(). I believe there is an option in the latest 3.x dev that allows this as well, but can't recall at the moment.

  6. LevelUpTuts at |

    Thanks for commenting on the video! I can't believe I missed this comment 11 months ago. BEF is a module I install on every project. Thank you so much for your work, I'm a big fan of the module.

  7. LevelUpTuts at |

    1. I believe the dropdown filter only works on taxonomy terms. 2. This is a great question. I have been struggling with this myself on the Level Up Tuts site. My solution was to import the titles of the nodes as taxonomy tags.. then have the filter be on the tags. This would allow for partial title filters. That was my solution.. not sure if it's the best one, but it worked.

  8. 11219tt at |

    Thanks for the great tutorials!

    question 1: Is it possible to have a dropdown exposed filter with "content: Title" filter?
    Questin 2: If question 1 isnt possible is there a way to allow us to type partial titles and have it give results? For example: title = "Good Tutorial Video" and if i type ONLY the word "Good" will it filter and show me the content that has that word in it?

    It seems you have to type identical title names and not partial title names.

  9. vagkos K. at |

    thx for the video! One question: when using links, Ajax behaviour stops working. What can be done about that?

  10. ale0122 at |

    ey mate! thanks for this tutorial! i was stuck in this silly config and the video helped me a lot!

  11. Jesse Hoffman at |

    It helps to see this done visually. Thanks!

  12. Mike Keran at |

    Great video, thanks for featuring BEF!

    Quick note that the auto-submit feature is part of Views "core" (CTools, really) and not BEF, just so no one is confused.

    Also, there are several issues in the BEF issue queue regarding links, making them toggle links (click to set, click again to unset), providing better styling options, etc. Please comment on those issues if you see a need/feature that's not being addressed. (And that'll get me working on the BEF issue queue again… :)

    Thanks again!