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  1. Aung Myin Thu at |

    Your voice make me cry. LOL

  2. John Bergman at |

    Yes, I noticed the zooming in earlier videos. I also figured out I can zoom my own screen while watching :)
    Thanks for putting these up there! Your training series is very organized and easy to understand.

  3. Yes – I try to record as much as possible on my 13" mac laptop – and in previous videos I did zoom in and out but that becomes very time-consuming – they are all shot in HD so did you try full screen – Thanks for your support – I also have a complete series that you can download and is much more in detail – From my premium training serious

  4. John Bergman at |

    One suggestion I have, since you have a big screen, turn down the resolution while making videos. I'm having a hard time seeing the info on my tiny 13" Mac Book.

  5. @thomasinaives thanks based on my 25 years of adobe software production and training experience – its my job to make it ALL SO SIMPLE – i get you think the way the software thinks – stay tuned- Robert

  6. @LM0161 please look at my other beginner videos – the simple setup to CSS creation is SELECT THE TAG- bottom left and make a RULE- in order to effect the tag you must SELECT the TAG

  7. @ghmichael thanks for the kind words my friend… I will be posting Dreamweaver CS5.5 HTML5 CSS3 form creation in the next few weeks – stay tuned – Robert

  8. @NetwiseIT thanks for the kind comments – yes you are correct this series of vides we straight recording – no post editing – zoom in and out etc – I will be launching a premium video service – a full year of videos for around $169 which will include database e-commerce php and MY SQL – plus free WEB Hosting and cPenal back end- stay tuned – Robert

  9. ghmichael at |

    Your videos are awesome. You know and demonstrate Dreamweaver better than anyone else I have seen!!! Please do a couple of videos about creating a contact form–I created one and it works for me…BUT…I keep getting contact forms sent to my email address without any information–I have validation attached requiring a first name, last name and email address-tests fine for me …but I keep getting the form in my email with no information.

  10. Thomasina Ives at |

    Nice it makes things much easier.