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  1. Watchdog at |

    What I find pathetic about TZM and TVP people is the constant focus on the monetary system and lack of focus on the moral argument against the existance of government.

  2. DystopianEmpire01 at |

    Seems like as infomercial. I'd like to see something any man of woman can do for themslves for free. I have serious doubts about the true motives here.

  3. DystopianEmpire01 at |

    Pipe dreams for the deluded.

  4. DON PARKER at |

    what's the music in this clip that starts at 5:00 mins?? thanks peoples..

  5. EasternMerchant at |

    I need a Resource Based Economy or else I will end up homeless when my parents die. I just can't keep up with other people because I'm too slow, there's no way I will be able to hold a job in this current system.

  6. EasternMerchant at |

    hehe oh this stuff is bullcrap and war is the soluation? I guess you don't mind then that you and your family might be the very victims of the genocidal wars?

  7. deksman at |

    Although, I can definitely see the argument behind the premise that governments and/or people in positions of power wanting another world war that will result in many deaths. To them, it may be inconceivable to 'solve' world problems any other way – that, and the mere notion results from wanting to keep the current monetary system in place – plus lets not forget the profits from wars.

  8. deksman at |

    I'm not sure how to reply to this response. Are you saying the governments are advocating for another world war that will kill off loads of people effectively reducing needs on energy and food, or are you suggesting the Venus Project advocates for this? The Venus project doesn't advocate violence, and to top it all off, there is no need for another world war or more deaths because we had the ability to feed/clothe/power/educate/shelter the entire world for decades.

  9. Sam at |

    Too bad the government and big corporations don't want this technology released.
    We the people need to wake up and realize what we are capable of.

  10. thanasys Free at |

    Thank you for that…is somewhat mind blowing what we can do!
    I think we are in a point of global awakening. Just add Love to the recipe above..