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  1. geri777 at |

    This is really a nice feature. In reality you have considerably more possibilities to display complex layouts responsive. Responsive design is not only about the even arrangement of elements – but each element can have its own rules – not to mention the full replacement of elements by other elements based on the screen resolution. In my experience there is no way around drawing a separate artboard for each device.
    The danger here is that many designers might now believe that they can define responsive designs by clicking the "Responsive Resize" button, which is definitely not the case.

  2. Daniel Lebduška at |

    Good efford, but wasting of time. The fetaures you are talking about 32 minutes can be described and demonstrated in 5 minutes…

  3. Todd Lisotto at |

    I'm hoping to use these vids from Adobe for learning about the new things with XD. BUT FOR GODSAKES, please…more SHOWING and LESS TALKING. Around 80% of this vid could be cut out. ie. "You can do this…(then show it); (Next visual) You can do this too…(then show it); etc, etc.

  4. Sudarsan Srinivasan at |

    If you have come here to learn something, then quite it. Go learn it from somewhere else. The hosts have no clue of how the feature works or how it can be demonstrated! Shame!

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  6. Herko Baarslag at |

    Why does she keep selecting each item separately? Instead of click and drag around the artwork en then shift-click on the background?

  7. Xiaolin Tan at |

    Does Adobe XD have typewriter input effect? And How to add background music?

  8. ventende at |

    Jisses, if you guys aren't able to use responsive design then how do u expect us to figure this out? Really doesn't help when the guy with the REM hat constantly interrupts making it impossible to see this trough.

  9. ventende at |

    What I don't get is why website prototypes in XD are displayed with a preset color as background in the actual preview, and it has nothing to do with the actual background color that is chosen by me. Right up to recently that default color was black, so when you went full screen the layout received a black box around it, same as you get if you show mobile prototypes in full screen. It's just black. Now Adobe has switched that bg color to all white But WHY not actually show the background color of the prototype full bleed as you would in any normal setting? When you make a webpage in Dreamweaver and decide that bg color of your webpage is #eeeeee then it is white when you preview it in a browser. So why does Adobe XD show the whole page but with a set color OUTSIDE the layout width of the actual layout? If I choose a color as my background that should scale with the full size preview. If I wanna show a web page with a background of orange I do not want that to be surrounded by any other color, I want my background to cover 100% of the background in prototype mode just like it would in an autentic webpage if it were published. Countless times clients and stakeholders asks what that background color is doing there when I send them a prototype link to review. So I've stopped prototyping in XD.

  10. Andru Smith at |

    Please, create the analog Specctr in XD (https://specctr.com/cloud/home)

  11. Stary Shlajfer at |

    9:09 Welcome to the Invision Studio… Oh… Sorry… I mean Adobe XD… Or Studio… :confused_smiley:

  12. Ira Mishra at |

    I saw kpop!! Omggg I’m a bigger fan now

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