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  1. Rob Cubbon at |

    True, pixelshade, I got into a bit of a pickle on this one. Originally there was a line in the functions.php of the child theme that set up the ability to set up the header image in Appearance > Header

    /** Add support for custom header */
    add_theme_support( 'genesis-custom-header', array( 'width' => 960, 'height' => 100 ) );

    I deleted that which put the Header Settings option on the Genesis Theme Settings

    6:40 I eventually realise you change this to "Image logo"!

  2. pixelshade at |

    Lol I paused the video, placed the comment, nevermind! 😀

  3. pixelshade at |

    Great video. Shouldn't you select that you use an image as a header from the genesis settings? I don't have a copy of the framework on this computer, but I download it Yesterday at my work and I recall being able to set an image logo from the settings.

  4. Mariah Peters at |

    @robcub40 Actually I did get it resolved with them. They suggested using the "Blog" page template on the page itself and changing the post page in Reading to be blank (hope that makes sense). Anyway it worked perfectly and site is almost done!

  5. Mariah Peters at |

    Yeah it seems strange. I did move the blog page to "news" and made the home page static. I'll check with the Genesis team to see if they have any pointers. Thanks again for all the videos, they're a great resource.

  6. Mariah Peters at |

    Thank you for the great demos. They've been very helpful. I do have one question regarding the logo image header. I have gone through all the steps and the logo is showing up correctly on all pages except my blog pages, where the tagline is still showing. Any suggestions on how to get rid of that?