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  1. epics7 at |

    Very good tutorial. I have a question for you. I'd ended up using the navigation drop down menu that stations at the very top of the page. All is fine with that. But when I'd added another container, below the drop down menu, where I'd added an image inside of the container, for my main page, the image sits right at the boarder of the bottom of the menu. How do I space the image aka margin where it's not touching the menu? In html I'm able to do this. But the feature is not available in "Bootstrap."

  2. Mary Ames Mitchell at |

    Excellent. This is just what I wanted to know. You explained each step succinctly and now I know what to do. Thanks. I'm hoping you have another video about how to manipulate the css.

  3. Lawrence Calderon at |

    Great video! One big disappointment is that I have no information concerning your mystyle.css; you applied the CSS and the image appeared but us followers are completely lost. It might have been helpful to say something about the content of the CSS. At least for those of us who have a tiny understanding would be able to follow.

  4. Lotte vanhaute at |

    thank for this tutorial, but where can I find the video where you make your mystyle.css?

  5. KenFolan at |

    Thanks very much for this. Excellent explanation, nice pace and easy to follow.

  6. Karlo Roa at |

    Hello, do you have a tutorial for bootstrap 4 version? Thanks

  7. Mario R at |

    Don't look for other videos explaining how to get your feet wet with Dreamweaver CC2017, this video is clear, simple but not insulting, gets to point of the matter with minimal time.

  8. David Zarate at |

    Great video Mr. McLeod. Explained in simple terms –DZ (RCC Student)