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  1. Chantelle Horisberger at |

    If you double click on your artboard, options will appear on the right of your screen. At the bottom of these options, you can toggle "Layout" under "Grid" on and off, and adjust your column width, gutter width, margins, etc from there. You can then move items around without affecting the grid, and the grid won't show in your preview/ prototype.

  2. Jan Černín at |

    column defined grids are dead, use css grid system and feel free..

  3. Matt Tyree at |

    Sooooo…why not just use the gutters that XD puts in for you? You made white rectangles to serve as gutters and then made the handy XD gutters 0. Not seeing the logic there. Just leave the white shapes out and set the XD gutters to whatever you like. Am I missing something?

  4. Miguel Bonifaz at |

    Gracias 😀

  5. prabhu deva at |

    Thanks so much, very useful. one question, you set the column width of desktop as 68px, is that standard or can we set it as 100 too?

  6. Dan Stewart at |

    New update has these grids built in

  7. Maikel Morais at |

    Simple! Thank.

  8. Jon at |

    What if you have a different width art board?

  9. Ariel Cavalcante at |

    Hey, I have a question: Are you single?

  10. Sb Shahria at |

    HI Dansky i have a question….Is it any grid layout available for mobile app design ?

  11. Yao Yu at |

    I noticed that you are using pen tablet. I am thinking to buy one too but I still wonder if it is more convenient than mouse? What do you think?

  12. Kesten Sinclair at |

    Nice west coast Dr. Dre beat

  13. Zenorthodox at |

    Dope stuff man keep going!!

  14. Gabby GGi at |

    Dansky you just was mentioned on Adobe Alive! People like your tutorials! Very cool!!!

  15. Bruce Xue at |

    Just one question Dan, how to define the width of column and gutter?

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  17. Sumit Sharma at |

    Thank you so much
    but one query
    How to design for big screens
    like 1680px or 1920px or for macs ?

  18. Knight Yoshi at |

    When designing a site for mobile and desktop, would you say it's better to have the art boards for both in the same file, put them in separate files, or is it just preference?

  19. Bichout Zed at |

    Thank you

  20. Kobie Dbr at |

    How do you create a website

  21. Noem Harders at |

    What is the main difference between Adobe XD and Muse? What would you suggest for creating a website for the first time? Thanks

  22. Dennis Choomac at |

    in Figma, responsive grid of any complexity is drawn by few clicks in frame (artboard) properties,
    i watched your early video on responsive grids in Adobe XD (almost a year ago), and it is strange that Adobe didn't came up with anything better than tedious manual grid drawing since then

  23. Tuğba gökkaya at |

    Perfect 👏🏻

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