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  1. Sharad Maurya at |

    how to host this mouse template or Exporting

  2. Hamid Khan at |

    I want to learn Muse from you personally through remotely . Can you help me ? I will pay u. thanks


  4. Janice Harvey at |

    This is not a good illustration of how to do this.  From the very beginning it doesn't show how to start with the Master Page once the Template is downloaded, then the Home Page.

  5. Kathy Ross at |

    For gosh… u talk tooo much…

  6. Adil LAMIZI at |

    Hi, please if i can publish my site design on any server
    because i am in morocco and i do not like to pay a domain and find that the publication and impossible or there are errores. what are the criteria that I must take into consideration before his.
    thank you in advance

  7. Gabbygytes at |

    Can you add a tutorial?

    How to make xenforo theme with muse?

  8. Robyn Bieber at |

    Hello, I payed for the three month access to the converter. Where do I download widgets?

  9. Oriol Solano at |

    Hi, I purchased your template, and modified (changed elements and elimnated others since I want little content) . Everything fine with the different assets ( I can edit them, change them, supress them) but for some strange reason I cannot change the position in the page. Whatever change I make in the position of one asset in the Design view, the asset shows in the original position in the preview view (and so does if I export the webpage obviously). Impossible to move the assets.

    I would appreciate a feedback since I cannot publish the webpage. The Software Muse works fine since this problem does not happen with a brand new file.


  10. Michael Sturgeon at |

    I appreciate the effort and time you put into this. However, I keep waiting for you to explain what you are doing when you switch from "Master" to what you referred to as "our layout" – since you are supposed to be showing how to do this in 15 minutes, I don;'t think that implies to omit steps in the process. – My comment is merely feedback and suggestions.

  11. Joshua Cohen at |

    I have zero understanding of MUSE and Ive been looking for a tutorial that can help and unfortunately this didnt help :( any idea where i can find something that will help guide people who are new to this?

  12. StecaTV at |

    I'm new using Muse. Generally, when learning things, I prefer starting from template to know structure of things so I find this video great. I like that you are fine tuning components as show them. Thank you.

  13. Soumya Prakash Sahoo at |

    what the hell are you doing 😐😑
    you call this recording

  14. lufox at |

    are you recording in a church? lol

  15. Elsa Roberta at |

    Hello, thank you for your videos.
    I wanted to ask you a question. I'm a beginner on Muse. What width do you recommend for a website?
    Thank you in advance.

  16. Manu Gowda at |

    I have a website design in my mind and I'm looking for 3 major feature in it.
    1.login area for the users
    2.booking page
    3.online payment.
    can I do it by using muse. please let me know if I can do or please make a tutorial on it . waiting for your reply .

    thank you.

  17. Peter Stixx at |

    Hi there. I really love your tutorials. Just a personal request … Could you kindly hook me up with a Responsive Muse Website template for free? Am really trying to build one but still … you know, learning. If you don't mind that is. I will really appreciate it.