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  1. Raita Sorin at |

    Does that Skateboard you design it?

  2. Edwin at |

    The best video about constraints with affinity designer !!!

  3. Larry Maloney at |

    Is search engine optimization possible? Otherwise, how does Affinity Designer benefit web designers?

  4. Jorge Torres at |

    What amazing feature! I just do it with one of my prototype sites (elements in columns), works great. Thanks to all the great Affinity Team!

  5. Ian Rock at |

    Great feature, expertly explained. Keep up the good work!

  6. Krzysiek Siewiorek at |

    Finally! Somebody was working here, while Adobe is still in sleeping mode for past 25 years. Congratulations and thank you Affinity for doing great job on this app!

  7. Larry Stewart at |

    Beautifully presented! Clear, precise, and well demonstrated steps AND proper narration make this video worthy of being itself used to instruct others on how to make instructional videos! Masterfully done!

  8. Yassin Zao at |

    great ..thanks for this!