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  1. sudheer kumar at |

    Patient ka abstract noun

  2. Mettlecore at |

    Isn't an action word a verb?

  3. Used Mohib at |

    Ty well explained.

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  5. Irfan Iqbal at |

    Informative video
    Thanks Khan Academy 😊😊

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    It is very helpful 🥇🥇🥇

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    It was a really nice one it help me a lot in the test.

  10. Gabriel Nunez at |

    concrete is bassicaly that you can idenftied with your sense

  11. Gabriel Nunez at |

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  12. Meral ozdemir at |

    love it

  13. Jahnoviah Dickens at |

    so is a place a concrete or abstract noun?

  14. Arad Razavi at |

    Loved ur vid

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  16. Jun Jun at |

    What's the difference between concrete and common nouns?

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    Very nice 😎😎😎

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    Thx now my test is god now

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    U are good david

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    teaching me alot

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    you opened my eyes !!!!!

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    i think its no problem to be different than the rest, am i right?

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    It was so fun! Wow! Amazing I like it <3

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  26. Dave Murphy at |

    Good stuff, but can you please stop trying to sound like Rachel Maddow?

  27. Shaun at |

    nouns that can be modified to be verbs or adjectives. Is there a rule to that with the noun groups?
    Proper, common, concrete, abstract, "collective"
    or are there many words within in all the groups that can be modified into both adjective and nouns?

  28. Rk at |

    Pretty bad explaination

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  31. P.H Henry at |

    So is God concrete or abstract? We cannot see and feel God so God is not concrete, right? Yet God is in the proper noun category. Proper nouns are concrete objects, living thing and person.

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