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  1. Quentin Watt Tutorials at |

    Creating the actual grid starts at 4:15

    The beginning part talks about free alternatives, or downloadable grids.

  2. Iftikhar Ahmad Khan at |

    Liked the video…

  3. Pallavi PH at |

    how to setup customized grid in photopea??

  4. Rania design at |

    you are better than my instructor …great job and thumbs-up

  5. Jabulani Masangwane at |

    Hi Quentin, how do I add a margin in photopea?

  6. Sachin Thorat at |

    Dislike And Unsubscribe also…For your one comment..

  7. Randy Sandberg at |

    Photoshop may be overkill anyway. For people who have Creative Cloud, i.e., those who don't fall into the category of "for some reason can't afford Photoshop," can use XD, which is turning out to be better suited for creating layouts anyway. There are lots of people who CHOOSE to not be enslaved to $50 USD per month for the Creative Cloud. Especially when there are good alternatives available for a lot less $$$.

  8. AbstractCats Official at |

    what about making artboards, Gimp?

  9. Noel Fabro at |

    thank you for making this video.. i'm actually studying for web development and this video helped a lot. we are currently making a website for a cleaning company which will be our project for the course we are taking.

  10. Mridul Singla at |

    Please make a video series on c++

  11. Photopea at |

    Ctrl + Semicolon works in Photopea now :)