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  1. Dammy Ola at |

    Thanks Quentin Watt.

  2. Juli Brown at |

    Good idea to present a simple 'Above the Fold' index page! However, I HATE the lack of navigation buttons on some sites! You land on some sites and ask, 'Who are they?' The UiKit site doesn't even have an 'About' or 'Prices' button.

  3. Juli Brown at |

    Wonderfully concise tutorials: thank you! Now Elon Musk AND you are my two favorite folks from S. Africa!

  4. Victor B.P. at |

    You are doing a great work, keep it up.

  5. odunlade oluwaseun at |

    good job you are doing sir. thank you.

  6. Mirza Sisic at |

    UIKit – it's like Bootstrap and SemanticUI hooked up a had a child 😀

  7. Wizzy Wizz at |

    i have followed your videos from html5/css and now i am here. lets get our hands to work.