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  1. Trish Happel at |

    I like the written presentation! Very helpful, easier to follow. Talking unnecessary!

  2. KaCe Whitacre at |

    I was so disappointed not to have a link to the next video. I really enjoyed all of the screen shares that showed me the "footprints" of where you were going and how you got to where we were. Excellent video. I rather liked it without sound. I had my own thoughts, especially when learning something new. Thank you.

  3. manoj y at |

    It was very informative ,people please audio is not everything ,respect his skillls

  4. Ideaman K at |

    Great Tutorial. I dont see Bootstrap template in Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 – If I download from the Bootstrap website, will htat work like this in making a template

  5. adnan haris at |

    WOW is that real? the time is 03 : 15 AM 0_0

  6. john at |

    needs audio

  7. Giri M at |

    This ia an example of "A good tutorial will become useless without audio". At least you can stop typing in Notepad. People can follow what you are doing by pausing video if necessary.

  8. Kaleb Turlington at |

    Great video Umair, audio or not, anyone who takes the time to publish content to educate others on using an open-source program such as Bootstrap deserves some kudos. Thank you.

  9. asmaa elneanie at |


  10. Terry DeSimone at |

    i tend to agree with the status quo here.. it prolly would have been an excellent video if you actually spoke, or even opened notepad bigger than 100px by 100px and trying to explain the entire video in..

  11. Shona Cowley at |

    A great, patiently made tutorial, don't listen to the others! Thanks for this great work 😉

  12. Bon Yuranan at |

    This tutorial very good.

  13. Gary H at |

    I am sure that your example  is great, but you need a microphone.

  14. Richard Amos at |

    Can you not talk

  15. JD Sebastian at |

    Inshallah! Thanks for teaching me such a fantastic sacred word, Omar, and I'm getting SO much from your video teaching series on Bootstrap and Dreamweaver–it's just what I needed. Namaste from L.A.

  16. BashPower Entertainment Mobile DJs at |

    I like the video, but I do have a few problems. I really wish that you would speak into a microphone and say your tutorial instead of writing it all down in a notepad. Also…the websites that you mentioned at the end don't do anything. The http://www.mybootstraptips.com is a "Coming Soon" page, and when you go to http://www.umairbutt.com, you get this error on a blank page: "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file, expecting function (T_FUNCTION) in /home3/umairmct/public_html/umairbutt.com/wp-includes/pomo/translations.php on line 211"

    Otherwise…it was very informative and easy to follow along. Thanks!

  17. jay at |

    plz talk