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  1. Ámbar Ruiz at |

    I was wondering what does this comment mean
    (Specifically I wanted to understand what "if" & IE" stand for.):

    "<–! [if It IE 9]–>"

  2. Alan Saberi at |

    Can you explan the commented parts please? I was asked in an interview for backward compatibilities and what older IEs causes …

  3. satya sandeep at |

    what are the advantages and disadvantages  of using a downloaded library function and  a url library function. please help me out sir and if u dnt mind can i have your Email-id

  4. satya sandeep at |

    sir i am new to bootstrap but  i am interested in learning it. sir my dought is,in header section u have given a library function but again you have given the 2-library function in the body section ???? what is the difference sir ?? 
    and in body section  the 1st library function u have given a url  and 2nd one is an downloaded file

  5. Brad Chellingworth at |

    That being said, could you post the links in the description that you mention in the video. the <script> links to oss.maxcdn etc :)

  6. Brad Chellingworth at |

    I always prefer tutorials not to skip steps, at least those who know it can jump forward but if you don't know it you are pretty much screwed for the rest of the tutorial so thank you for including it all.

  7. Csaba Kiss at |

    You spend over 7 minutes typing boilerplate code. That should not be part of the tutorial