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  1. izzygnyc at |

    Great Tutorial Keep it up! Anyone seen a good tutorial on Azure RP 8 creating interactive prototypes with drag and drop, slide-in or modals and search/filtering. Please share thanks

  2. Rachel Baek at |

    Very clear and easy to understand. Nice video and audio quality too. Thank you for sharing a great tutorial!

  3. kookycookie at |

    Nice! Thanks.

  4. María Cañas at |

    Hi! Thank you very much for this tutorial, it is so helpfully. I hope you to do a new one soon

  5. Andres Garcia at |

    Grande Luca! That was a great tutorial. Can you do more about Axure, please? Thank you! :)

  6. Sorrento Blue at |

    Ciao, Luca. Finally, one Axure tutorial that explains it in plain English. Very informative. Also one of the very few (if any) on the latest (RP8) update. Do you have more?


  7. Troisiemerose at |

    Hi Luca,

    Thank you very much for this tuto, one the best and clearest tuto I have seen for Axure !
    It's soooooo bad it is the only one you did :(

  8. Brad Diedrich at |

    Hi Luca, Thanks for the brilliant video! I agree with all the comments particularly the approval of using another person as a foil for the training. Your girlfriend though not an Axure user asked very perceptive questions that helped a lot. I have been using Axure off and on for a number of years now and had used the adaptive views but had not had the workflow explained so succinctly before. Brilliant. The next subject I am going to try and get my head around is use of web fonts. Up till now clients have asked for particular fonts such as sketchy fonts for a rough concept look/ I would like to use a sketchy font without having to render to images as I have done in the past. A short video about font usage in Axure would be great. Keep up the good work. (Sydney,Australia)

  9. Shazza at |

    Great to have learned this from you in person and great to have the video as a refresher! Thanks so much. Keep 'em coming!

  10. praveen kanoji at |

    Thanks a Ton Luca….. Very well explained….

  11. Maria Trela at |

    Great job! I love your teaching methods :)

  12. ganesh kumar at |

    Thank you Luca, Good a brief about Adaptive Design.

  13. Are Jilesen at |

    Addition: For learning purposes it is very useful that your are lecturing somebody else. This is dude to the fact that in a normal walk through video the narrator normally doesn't stop to summarize what he just did.

  14. Are Jilesen at |

    great! Very useful for my study Human Technolgy interaction design in Groningen (Netherlands)

  15. Eugene Karasev at |

    Hi Luca!
    Very useful tutorial, please continue!
    Waiting for your next training!
    Thank you!