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  1. Luciano De Leon Menendez at |

    great tutorial

  2. Tube Leader at |

    Please Make Professional Web App High Quality

  3. Newbiees at |

    Mam can we insert UI design in Appy builder app?

  4. we qw at |

    my label on one device looks ideal but when on smaller device it scales bigger and goes to second line which does not look good, rather than scaling smaller. How to make a text label scale as per the device size, smaller device smaller text; bigger device bigger text??

  5. Sobuj Khan at |

    nice video sister

  6. Børge Kristensen at |

    Great tutorial! Thanks.

  7. Learn And Earn 9 at |

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  8. David Smith at |

    Hi great video, with nice explanations, how do you keep font sizes the Same across different screen resolution's and densities just using the font point sizing?

  9. Himanshu Sahu at |

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