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  1. Jair Humberto da Silva Filho at |

    Android team loves making things complicated. A simple icon becomes a pain.

  2. HQU at |

    Cool, now please mandate all apps to support this!

  3. Richard Sanford at |

    Could someone pls help me out n explain how this app and hacking corilate? I know my phone has been compromised 100%.

  4. Winnie Blue at |

    It's still less coherent than ever. Some have white boxes, others are full icons. It's a mess. Get rid of these icons.

  5. Steven Oswald at |

    Adaptive icons are a terrible feature. Backward compatibility totally ignored ending up in a homescreen that is not cleaner, but rather full of white bordered ugly icons. Terrible programming practice for an OS.

  6. Anthony Woods at |

    I keep getting "Project must be built with sdk 26 or higher to use adpative incons". Can you help me with this error. I got sdk downloaded already in my Android Studio.

  7. Nayden Spirdonov at |

    Why did you broke the icon changers apps on Oreo. Why?

  8. Christian Himmelstrand at |

    That white frame is soo ugly, I sorted out my aps by colour, now I'm confused , I must defragment my eyes now.

  9. FroztByte Gamer at |

    1 set for android 1 leaps backwards for ios

  10. Daleylife at |

    Does this have anything to do with icon frames? I noticed with Oreo, the icon frames for Google apps stays put despite me turning off that feature. Are we being forced to use icon frames? That's very dirty if that's the case.

  11. Michael F at |

    Hateful! Loathsome! "Unifying icons" means they look too similar and I tap the wrong ones all the time. Then I have to select the task manager and turn off all the erroneous apps. WHY CAN'T THIS BE TURNED OFF?! I can't even find a custom launcher that doesn't do this.

  12. Rich Porcher at |

    Isn't it great to spend the full afternoon trying to fix that brand new shitty icon trick ?
    I mean, what could be better than sticking a feature no one asked for, right into the face off people and covering it with the worst ever interface to make sure the user gets stuck ?
    you suck and I'm appalled you get a pay check for doing such a poor job

  13. Akram Hassan at |

    You guys talk extremely fast

  14. Centrist Glass Cannon at |

    Google… I am disappoint. I cannot control my adaptive icons on my Nexus 6P, all your apps look stupid in these blank white boxes, and I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE the EYE SEARING quick settings window shade, WHY DID YOU MAKE IT WHITE!? Everything I see every moment I look at my phone now is making me rage, I haven't even gotten a chance to see the new things that I think are good ideas, like the adaptive colors for Google Play Music, or the picture in picture function for YouTube. No you have to sour the experience by going the opposite direction from what I've been hoping you'd do. GIVE ME DARK MODE PLEASE!

  15. Murtaza Panhwar at |

    How i use <adaptive-icon> tag in android studio 2.3? as it doesn't recognize it :/

  16. Harwinder singh at |

    Nova launcher 😂❤️

  17. Alexander Mikhalevich at |

    It's sad that icons will loose their expressiveness. Original Plaid icon is much prettier.

  18. Albert-Jan Plate at |

    When will Android Studio 3.0 launch? I keep seeing promotional stuff for it, but it remains in Beta. I'm not saying you need to rush it, but it is just confusing. :)

  19. Pramod Yadav at |

    YES I can its a great motivational app, receive positive thoughts daily

  20. Liran Barsisa at |

    This makes icons way worse than ever before. I mean, even Google's apps look bad now. YouTube already has a rectangle shape, and now it's within another (white) rectangle shape …
    Is there any way to avoid this? As both users and developers?
    Why can't I set the background to be transparent? Any workaround for this?

    I've made 2 requests for this, as both user and developer:

  21. kakaboc at |

    GJ ANDROID, life wouldn't be the same without that crap!
    When would u find some time to fix bugs :) ? And finally why in 3 minute video guy must read, he doesn't even know what is he talking about ?

  22. Đức at |

    this doesn't mean i have to install all bullshit 3rd party chinese launcher crap.

  23. 3m0_Wr3ck at |

    he said squircle… that's the only thing that matters in life now forever.

  24. Khyron Dark at |

    For once and for all Why not create a dedicated thread?
    For render ui
    To get rid of lag micro lag sttutters
    And improve ux

  25. Steve Garon at |

    Yeah… That does not work. When I look at my nexus5x home screen right now it is worst then it ever was. I which I can turn adaptive icons off…

  26. Luigi Lamberti at |

    Finally! Thanks!

  27. Arshdeep Singh Saini at |

    A big step towards a cleaner homescreen.

  28. Louis Cognault at |

    Hey Nick Butcher, it'd be nice to have a sample of Android code to achieve the parallax effect you show at 0:51 so developers can take inspiration to build nice launchers with similar effects

  29. Oussama Hafferssas at |


  30. Braulio Cassule at |

    Nick Butcher

  31. Arman Chatikyan at |