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  1. Abid Ali Tv at |

    And also am new in this web field

  2. Abid Ali Tv at |

    Aslam o alikum Adil bro
    Its sooooooo nice work
    I really apprised you
    Am ur new subscriber


    nd plz mention images size also


    ur english is awesome :) for u its better to talk in hindi…

  5. karen175 at |

    I love your tutorials!

  6. pouvoir Cerveau at |

    thank you mr for these pretty good tutorials ,I have a question for the images shoud I download images have the same size, because when I gave them 100 in percentage the height is not the same , and I don't want to set a fixed height to let them fit in responsive case.

  7. Asfand Raja at |

    Hello Sir, this is by far the best tutorial i came across regarding website layout, this is exactly what i was looking for, sir so far i have one problem, the website layout breaks when we decrease the screen size, so does the header picture because it is set to 1140px, i hope their is a tutorial about media queries next.

  8. Interes Thing at |

    thank you for teaching sir , can i ask what is your current job right now? because i want to be a front end developer and your tutorials taught me a lot.

  9. ali ahmed at |

    Hi sir' you r really responsive person.keep it up.u are the best.

  10. broerbreaker9240Z at |

    You deserve more views,subs period…

  11. Tehuty Kampeki at |

    Thanks bro! I made part 5!

  12. Panagiotis Giaples at |

    This section was really cool. Very nice job

  13. ali ahmed at |

    Awesome tutorial.