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  1. Easy Video T&T at |

    Hi Peter, just wanted to say that I agree on some points with you…and it all depends what you are developing and how much general knowledge you have. If you have a lack of experience and knowledge, then I think it is better to use a framework and if you are very well experienced and you know exactly what you want to build, then you will probably create your own solution (even with a small custom made framework). Those are my views on this topic and I would like an answer on this question: Have you tried Laravel framework and what do you think of it?

  2. BuddySteve at |

    On Bloat-Ware, why wouldn't I use jQuery or a framework that helps me to quickly build a site that works in ALL browsers? Why would I want to "reinvent the wheel" or making it harder for me to build a simple behavior on a page that can easily be done in jQuery or Dojo?
    For most companies, it's about how quickly you can get it launched and working across ALL browsers and less about how lean you can make your page!

  3. శివ శేషేంద్ర at |

    Good points… Keep it up….