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  1. Masood Vali at |

    I have checked so many times , but images are not setting properly, the images section is not working properly for me

  2. Nathan Taylor at |

    I put in the exact same code and never get the same outcome as you.

  3. William Chandler at |

    Hi, amazing video. I have a question though,. Does the size of the images I use matter because my photo section came out really large and I can’t figure out to make it smaller, if the size does matter, what is the optimal size, right now they 960 by 720.

  4. puja p at |

    when I have attached 8 different images its not coming in sequence and all messed up.I already double checked it. But could not find the problem.

  5. mevada kamlesh at |

    selection class through attached image 8 not at sequence line i already check video but problem not find?

  6. Aliya yousuf at |

    font is not display in my website like you.i have download and link it from webpage.guide me.

  7. Pouvoir Cerveau at |

    your tutorial is great ,but the grid system is not working in responsive case.

  8. Durgesh Singh at |

    my :hover effect not working

  9. dilip kumar at |

    i m inspire your video ,,,i love your video

  10. hadeer Elfiky at |

    i have a problem in coding, the float property in the class="main-nav" doesn't work after i get involved in the third video here but it was working before .. i can't find where is the problem

  11. Divyansh Srivastava at |

    bro how to add linear gradient in these pictures please tell me fast I'm waiting

  12. Diksha Gupta at |

    it's too nyc

  13. Keshav Dev at |

    Sir here again, in this video i am not able to get the hover effer or the transition effect.

    But in internet explorer, it is working, but not in chrome..!

    Is this because i have not updated my google chrome since last 3 years ??

  14. RAHUL DALUI at |

    Sir you way of teaching is very good 😊😊😊

  15. salman ansari at |

    meal section is not responsive. please make it responsive.

  16. Nikita Kolhe at |

    when i add other images, arrangement of these images is getting disturbed. what to do??

  17. Gamer Sparta at |

    Does the 100% width in .meal-photo img means it occupy all the space in the .meal-photo, and does the 100% width meal-photo means that it occupy all the space in the 25% meal-showcase li ?I am confused please help .Could this thing be done using the grid in bootstrap and get the same result ?

  18. Coding is Fun at |

    provide us link for downloading these photos icons what you have you used in this video.Thank you!!!

  19. Jenny Gruetzmacher at |

    I ´m sitting infront of my computer at my web design school in berlin germany. I ´m learning a lot from you friend. Thanks a lot. It is a lot better than learning from my school.

  20. sham ram at |

    sir how can i donwload the the pictures that u are using in your webpage. tutorial is very nice

  21. Classic C at |

    You are awesome! These videos have helped me a great deal! I'm using what you show me here to create an e-commerce site. Keep up the good work.