19 ASUS ScreenPad™ Tutorial Adaptive Design for Office ASUS

ScreenPad™ is a Windows Precision Touchpad (PTP) combined with an interactive 5.5-inch FHD touchscreen that offers a revolutionary new way to work with a laptop. ScreenPad has helpful functions that can intelligently adapt to match whatever the user is doing, making it easier and quicker to multitask and get things done.

Selected desktop apps — at present limited to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, but with other popular apps in the pipeline — offer even closer integration with ScreenPad, with adaptive menus and editing controls on ScreenPad that change automatically according to the app and what task is being performed. With ScreenPad, workflow efficiency is enhanced for better productivity.

ScreenPad is currently available in ZenBook Pro series.

Learn more about ScreenPad: http://www.asus.com/ScreenPad-APPs