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  1. King Raidi at |

    hey but what happens if you zoom in? the whole layout gets messed up, doesnt it?

  2. Patrick Egbuche at |

    Please what text editor is the best? Love your channel tho

  3. omoleye osadare at |

    Great job

  4. IamJerf at |

    this was very helpful but im having trouble with the header part. I have my contents right in the header but when I set it to mobile it doesnt shrink or fit to its size, it would show a white line below my header and covers the top part of my image. is there any way to fix that? I hope what I said is understandable

  5. Anthony Renfro at |

    I followed every direction you showed here, I got the css part but html didn’t look anything like yours? I even saved the photos but it didn’t appear at all?

  6. Umairr Jibran at |

    thanks a lot man, for letting us know that we can use our pictures too

  7. Pakistani Gamer at |

    It looks as an angry person in the image hehe Daniel's styles are awesome!

  8. Pakistani Gamer at |

    Hey, really a good job!

  9. Hanan Aslam at |

    it works… I tried it first time and my feelings like… oh yes…

  10. Sunny Tech at |

    I nearly watched all your tutorials nothing special.. very confusing for a newbie… u dont have a course plan for ur students…. i won't recommend your videos to anyone..

  11. Mohmmed Siddiq at |

    Hello thank you..
    But i have a problem with responsive because its not charging when i change the size

    I only get the same Editing in the phone in desktop and ipad view

  12. Oliver Munguia at |


  13. Ulrik Hansen at |

    hejsa er du dansk

  14. Tomasz Makowski at |

    These tutorials are great for getting an understanding of HTML and CSS fast!

  15. Aziz almofaqer at |

    man really really thank you
    you can teach better than some teachers in my engineering college
    well to be honest you are a legend

  16. BethsSubLover at |


  17. Nurdan Kulluk-Rennert at |

    Wish you spoke a little slower!

  18. Bridgette Dunn at |

    My only issue with this, is that when on a cellphone, it makes it hard to zoom in. When you try to zoom in, the text or image doesn't get bigger, because it is adjusting to the size. I suppose there is a way around that. Maybe you explain it in another video. I have just noticed that some websites on my phone are WORSE with responsive design because I can't easily zoom in. Or maybe I'm an idiot and I just do it wrong.

  19. Koffi Anicet Kouakou at |

    Thanks for the quality of the course.It's very easy to understand,but i've one problem. I'm using google chrome to practice and the part related to @media only screen…… doesn't work i don't know y. I mentioned meta name=viewport…… but still not working!

  20. Mustafa Amin at |

    Maaaannn you are legend

  21. velie a at |

    when i clicked on "toggle device toolbar", i dont get the menu of devices :(

  22. Lester Rodriguez at |

    Great! Enjoying your tutorials here from a Caribbean exile living here in Tokyo, JPN.

  23. Symon Reyes at |

    Thanks bro. Its my first time trying this and it amazes me . Notice me senpai hehe :)

  24. Sotobaggins1 at |

    i know im alitte late here, but instead of lipsum.com if you type "lorem100" without the quotes and press tab that will produce the first 100 words of lorem lipsum! change the number for different amounts of words :)

  25. Magnus Thomsen at |


  26. vInTaGe GaLaXien at |

    8:23 fudge thanks for that. i didn't know there is such thing. that will save me a lot of time.

  27. idris at |

    I wish you had shown us how you made that banner

  28. Zodee at |

    Well this is great to know now when I'm done with my desktop-browser…………….yikes xd

  29. manick bay at |

    This is so sweet feel how things can be done with you. May god bless you !!

  30. Abbas Nagarochoo at |

    i want u make video on javascript, jquery and php

  31. Abbas Nagarochoo at |

    that video made my confusion knock out B) thank you bro !!

  32. mohmed essa at |

    Great work. Keep up the videos as you are creating great value for your viewers!

  33. Huzeifa Ambua at |

    You are doing a great job keep it up!!

  34. abdul rehman at |

    Thank U
    sir you video help me too much
    but sir i have a question to be honest i am not search this question on youtube or such another search engine
    so please give me riply as soon as possible
    so the question is.
    how to control design when i rotate my table or smartphones etc ?
    i think you gotted my question
    and sorry for my poor english
    and thanks again