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  1. Rohan Mayya at |

    What I don't understand is, why are you not just using a framework like Bootstrap? It will fix the need to write so much unnecessary CSS and you can always override bootstrap styles in your css if required. Is there a specific reason one would prefer plain CSS over a framework? Just asking..

  2. Gururaj Moger at |

    Very nice bro.. please make similar page with sass..

  3. Dennis Mainhardt at |

    I love the whole series, pls do more!

  4. Fabian Lundkvist at |

    Hi Jesse! I've been following this series and it has helped me so much. I'm just wondering how I'm supposed to organize the files you provided if I were to create another page for the site (for example a Terms or About page) and how I'll connect the new page with the home page? Thanks!

  5. Paulo Crepaldi at |

    I've been watching the series from the very begining and because of the resolution of my display, maybe, i've been having some wierd behavior, anyway, but now everything is quite just like yours. When I reduce the browser till the end the "50% off" and both buttons of the download stay quite to the right instead of the center. Maybe because of padding? Is yours behaving like that too? Also the footer is messed up too. Looking foward for the last video. I've been learning a lot. You have no idea how much you helping me with this precious material. Thank you very much.

  6. Osman Musse at |

    @Jesse Showalter can you check my website and give my little feedback about it https://osmanmusse.github.io/ShipooApp/index.html

  7. Saurabh Joshi at |

    Thanks for MaKing Such A GOod Content.🤗

  8. Sinan Ergin at |

    Hi Jesse, the volcano exploded in your islands, are you okay? have you got any problem? Greets..

  9. sayed akbarali at |

    great learning experience

  10. Nima Sakhtemani at |

    You are amazing at teaching, do you have a web design course online? I like to learn from you.

  11. sarmad ali at |

    I love this series thanks man

  12. MJay Gurav at |

    Hey jesse,
    Series is going really great.
    Enjoying it…👌👌👍

  13. Mrinmay Mukherjee at |

    Keep dishing out amazing content Jesse!

  14. Osman Musse at |


  15. skinny slim at |

    What text editor are you using, Sublime ?

  16. Tarun Krishna at |

    I started the series today. I really appreciate your efforts in making this. Thank you

  17. skinny slim at |


  18. Otmane Allaoui at |

    can you to said me how many time to learn web designe for going to freelancer pliiz

  19. MaxDeveloper at |

    I am first. Deal with it, suckers. HAHAHA